Q: Styx

Welcome to F3, we have 5 core principles, we are free, we are open to all men, we are always outside, we are lead in a rotating fashion and end in a circle of trust. 

We leave no man behind but we leave no man where we found him

I am not a professional, modify as necessary

Any FNGs – Yes there was one!

Warm up

-Mosy to the hill – do a small warm up – 20 Side straddle hops in cadence, 10 big ones, 10 tappy taps in cadence


– Count off – 1 or 2 

– Group 1 lunges down the hill, bear crawl up

– Group 2 20 Air squats then 20 merkens until group 1 is done

-Mosy back to the football field

-Most to the football field:

– Count off into 5 groups 

– Group 1 – Can use separate runs, sprint up the stairs and walk down, repeat

-Group 2 – Exercises – 25 Merkens, 30 monkey humpers, 10 supermans, 15 LBCs in cadence, 15 bobby hurleys – rinse and repeat

-Group 3 – Exercises – 10 burpees, 30 squats, 15 diamond merkens, 15 alternating lunges in cadence, 15 big boys – rinse and repeat

-Group 4 – Run around the track – 1 lap – push group, go to group 5 – football

-Group 5 – Football – 2 quarterbacks – 2 lines, run routes – For example 10 yard in or outs, run a fly, or run a curl route

Mary consisted of 16 sarpy slammers and then the FNG was named – Welcome TI-85!!

Announcements and prayers: Brick builder event, prayers for Randy, keep radar in your prayers for his new illness, prayers for room service’s son, prayers for Jim Sweeney, discussed mental health month in May.

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