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Qs- Roadhouse and Wait Time

It was 10:30 AM on Friday, June 30th and I got a notification on my Slack app. It was a message to me and Wait Time from Kickstand. It read, “I have an opening on July 10th at Mission Forge, looking for a substi-Q. Figured you two Co-Qing could bring some boys to the yard…”

I smiled and rolled over in my bed and nudged Wait Time. What do you think…?

And now here we are! It was Monday the 10th and the morning was perfect! This weekend I caught a glimpse of my naked body in the mirror and realized I probably needed to smurph this week. Side note: isn’t it crazy how quickly you can lose it? I looked pretty good a few weeks ago. The summer is doing a number on me. Need to get back at it!

I smurphed with 8 hammers and felt every second of it. The run felt longer. The workout seemed harder. Did we always do this many reps? We finished at 5:20 and I was gassed. As we ran back to the flags, Wait Time met me with a curious look, “Did you smurph?” he said with utter shock in his voice. I mouthed the word yes to him as I caught my breathe.  

He and I chatted about what we wanted to do with the beatdown. This was our third time co-Qing together. The first time was my VQ, a memorable morning in the rain at Paradise. The second was a Buddy beatdown at Coronado. And now today! It was always an honor to Q with the OG Nantan himself. The man who EH’d me. One of my best friends and someone who has quite simply made me better. I love you brother!

At 5:30 there were 25 of us total. A great number! Two of the men were FNGs. Matt and Luke, it was a biblical theme. Wait Time and I perfectly orchestrated the intro. He took the 3 Fs and the mission. I handled the five core principles. He then let the group know that for the next 45 minutes he was not their friend. I countered it by saying for the next 45 minutes I would be your best friend and maybe your lover if you were into that. And with that, we moseyed.

We headed to the North end of the parking lot for some Warm-a-rama. Wait Time and I would alternate exercises.


SSH- 15

Alternating Shoulder Taps- 15

Imperial Walkers- 15

Cherry Pickers- 15

Sun Gods- 10 forward, 10 back

That concluded WAR and again, we moseyed. This time to the basketball court. Wait Time took the lead and had the PAX circle up. There was a collective groan from the group as they knew what was coming. The fucking STEINL. He started calling names out to count as we planked, chill-cut planked, merkined and spidermanned our way through the first round. At this point I had had enough. I stood up and stopped Wait Time before he got to round 2. Not only was the STEINL terrible but the pavement on the court was awful for it. The STEINL was over. It was time to get sexy. I ordered the grouped to follow my lead as we worked through a series of sexy exercises. With eye contact! During the pickle pointers, Wait Time mentioned that it looked like we had some lazy lovers on our hands and this REINVIGORATED the group and the thrusting got harder and deeper.

Disclaimer: Roadhouse cannot be found liable for any babies made during or after his beatdowns.

Pre Thang:

½ Steinl

½ Sexy Pre Thang

We made it through the Half STEINL/Half Sexy Pre Thang and moved onto the THANG. It was a 3 man grinder and it had a theme. At one station, we were falling down with our exercises and at the other station, we were getting up. In between, we ran! We counted off and got started!


3 man grinder from playground to basketball court

Basketball Court: AMRAP




Carolina Dry Docks

Playground: AMRAP

Big Boys

Turkish Getups

Jump Squats

Alarm Clocks  

The THANG itself was awful. The exercises kept getting worse and this “idea” seemed more and more terrible as we went on. But the mood was outstanding. Great mumblechatter, guys racing to the next station, lots of masturbation jokes. It was an ideal atmosphere, especially with a couple of FNGs. At 6:05, Omaha was called. We moseyed back to the flags and circled up for some Mary.  


American hammers- Rancid Style 25 And with that, the beatdown was over. We did it and we did it together.


Name-a-rama went smooth. And we named our two FNGs. Luke met his wife in preschool and Wait Time gave him the name Romper Room. Matt met his wife on the middle school track team when he handed her his baton… We named him Steeplechase.


Flag pass on Thursday from Ozark to Pit Stop at the Labyrinth.


Chippendale’s daughter has surgery last week. Prayers for her and His wife as they navigate recovery.

Prayers for Pit Stop and his family.

COT: Today’s workout was all about falling down and getting back up again. We all make mistakes, fail, have rough times but we have to understand that there is always another chapter. A new beginning.

Wait Time talked about his recent journey. Challenges at work and home left him feeling less than. But he emphasized that in order to start over, in order to build yourself back up, you have got to go through some shit. Some humbling. Some buyer’s remorse (Fucking sectional…) He was incredible vulnerable as we walked us through his journey and how it is not easy to get where you wat to go. He ended by saying to start a new chapter, some things have to end. Wise words my brother!

I piggybacked on Wait Time’s words and encouraged the PAX to be open and vulnerable when they fail. I learned this lesson the hard way. After my first divorce, I did not tell anyone for a long time. I was embarrassed and felt like a failure. After my second divorce, I felt even worse. But what I found was that many of the PAX had been through similar things and that I didn’t have to go at this alone. The groups is here for you through good times and bad and are always ready to help you turn the page on a chapter on your life. Do not be afraid to fall down boys, because the men of F3 Omaha will pick you up!

We loves you boys!

Wait Time and Roadhouse

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