Weather: Pouring Rain

Pax: Othello, U-Haul, Hipster, Rocket, Good-Lookin, Doll Face, Sputnik, Polaroid

Q: Gunner  

Excluding all the lighting and rain, this morning was a pretty standard 5:30am F3 Omaha Beatdown introduction, until Hipster quickly chimed in with “This is stupid, I am either going to a garage or heading home.” With that sort of Intentional Leadership from such a well-respected man, we audibled the location over to UNO’s parking garage.  Many of Pax were soaked, so we moseyed along the lower, west trail to the parking garage. A few Pax drove over.  

It was quite a wise decision as the Q does not have tremendous confidence with weather forecasts, nor examines weather radar prior to departing the house in the morning.  The original workout for this morning was planned and set for some station circuit training up on top of the Memorial Park loop.  Not too wise to be on the higher ground in a lightning storm.  

Since the smart decision was made to go to the parking garage an impromptu beatdown was quickly performed on the fly.  We did a few traditional warmarama exercises followed by a Ladder Pre-Thang. It was a simple 11 Ladder with Jump-Ups on one end and Groiners three columns down the row.  

After Polaroid was the first Pax done, we circled up and did Motivators starting at 5 and In Cadence.  

For the work-out portion, we started at the Northeast corner of the parking garage for 3 excercises.  I did not have a Weinke for this impromptu beatdown so recalling the exercises is tough.  We did some Incline Merkins and a couple core exercises. We did a couple more stations around the parking garage and called Omaha at 6:02am to mosey back to the shovel flags.  However before heading back to the flags, we modified Mary to performing 75 calf raises. 25 reps – straight toes, outward then inward.  Then we moseyed back.  

Announcements and Prayers were quickly abbreviated due to the rain getting harder. The Pax were instructed to listen to the announcement during this week of beatdowns.  

COT – Based on Hipsters comment during the introduction, I stated that good leaders should know the Comfort level of the members of their teams.  If one is not comfortable with an action, task or comment, it can hurt the team, especially if the leader does not take that factor into account.  Thanks for the simple and wise suggestion this morning Hipster!

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