January 5, 2023|Stone Creek Park | AO – The Berm | 28° – windchill 18°

Pre-Run (4): Bouncer, Grip and Rip, Stripes, Back Country, Patton

PAX (9): House Party, Cheap Seats, Al Borland, Bouncer, Turbine, Stripes, Grip and Rip, Motorboat, Back Country.

QIC: House Party

YHC covered the mission statement, core principles, disclaimer, and FNG questioning.  


The PAX moseyed from the shovel flags to the parking lot on the East of the park.

15/15 – Sun Gods (IC forwards and backwards)  

10 x 5 – Squat Benders (5 second holds at squat with hands out, 5 second hold leaning forward)

15 – Calf Raises (IC)

10 second Plank, 10 second downward dog, 10 second plank, 10 second right hand raised, 10 second plank, 10 second left hand raised, 10 second plank, walk it in to standing (IC)

The Prethang

As a group we moseyed to the first streetlight East of parking lot to group up with another PAX member.

Light it Up – Out & Back. YHC pulled this exercise from a recent post of F3Knoxville.

1 PAX member stays at the first streetlight while the other runs to the next light pole.  The member at the first light does merkins, until called by his partner.  Then the two as a team leap frogged down the road towards Stone Creek golf course for a short uphill stint.

At the top of the hill the group performed 5 motivators.  A few PAX members were new to this exercise.  HP and Cheap Seats reflected on my last Q at the Oracle where I requested 10 motivators and that was a few too many…

The group then did the route in reverse but with air spuats at each light back towards the shuttle flags.

The Thang

We divided into groups of three starting The Thang.  One member at the roundabout, 1 at the top of the hill, and one at the bottom of the hill.

The push group was at the top of the hill.  The member of the group at the top of the hill completed 2 sets of motivators.  Once complete they headed down the hill to push that group.  With the snow on the ground this was a missed opportunity for sledding down the hill instead of running. 

At the bottom of the hill, the group member completed the following exercises AMRAP:  

Plank Jacks, Dry Docks, Air Squats, Merkins

At the roundabout, the group member completed the following exercises AMRAP:

LBCs, Shoulder Taps, SSHs, select a merkin


2 rounds of 9 of American Hammers, rancid style to conclude the workout. 


Let it be noted that the port-a-johns were fenced in under Al Borland’s reign over the Bherm.

CSAUP, January 28th

Prayer requests 

Prayers for all the members attending the retreat this weekend.

Strips prayers for Dale.

Group prayers for Patton who went down with an injury during the pre-run.

Prayers for Hard Hat and his recovery from injury.


Bouncers COT the other day triggered a thought about reaching out to people and being present in situations. These were both goals last year that I got to achieve over the holidays.  I appreciate all the concepts I learn from F3 as they have helped me set and achieve goals.  I hope all the motivators trigger the HIM this morning to start off the year and develop goals. As I look forward to developing my goals throughout the year with the help of everyone in F3.

Cheap Seats took us out in prayer

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