Weather: 27 F, 82% humidity, calm with light breeze from the west. Clear skies. Full moon.

QIC: Schnitzel Feat. Al Borland

PAx: (50) Fine Print, Bird Man (Site Q-Ret’d), Walkabout, Papa Smurph, Cataracts, LPC, The Plague, Flat Stick, Khakis (Respect), TC (Respect), Farva, Green House, Back Country, Teeball, Tater Tot, Red Dirt, House Party, High Point (Respect x2), Nailed It, Toto (Site Q-Ret’d), Jukebox, Thomas, Lemu, Obiwan, Mufasa, Chucky, Pantyhose, Stripes, Speed Bump, T Swift, Mayday, Sandworm, Fugitive, Truly, Bouncer, Slow Pitch, Janikowski, Tight Lip, Sashquash, Bollywood, Cadbury, Hei-Hei, Barber Shop, Ketchup, Sparty, Cradle, Motorboat, Al Borland(Site Q-Ret.), Schnitzel (Site Q)

Full parking lot for the 4 mile and 3 mile prerun. On street parking only.

Strong contingency of Millard Pax made the trek north.


At 0515 sharp, Schnitzel promptly welcomed the PAX of F3 Omaha providing the Pax with the 5 core principles, credo, mission statement and disclaimer while DJ Truly managed the playlist.

5 core principles

F3 is free of charge

Open to all men

Always held outside

Peer led in a rotating fashion

End in a circle of trust


Leave no man behind. Leave no man where we found him.

Mission Statement

Plant grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.


Mosey from the flags to soccer field

10 IC -Sun gods FWD/REV

10 IC – Cherry Pickers

10 IC- Seal claps (modify to invalid signal)

10 IC- Chinooks

10 IC- Raise the roof

10 merkins

High plank

10 Merkins

Right leg forward runners stretch to pigeon

High plank

10 merkins

Left leg forward to runners stretch to pigeon

10 merkins

25 IC – Side Straddle Hops

The Thang

4 Corners, push group in middle

Middle station—> The Wheel of Sausage. Spin the wheel and land any number of sausage types directly correlated to an exercise movement.

Corner 1 – Chest —> Merkins x 20, Diamond merkins x 20, Naked Armando’s (IC) x 10

Corner 2 – Legs —> Squats x 30, Lunges x10 (each leg), sumo squat x 20

Corner 3 – Abs —> Freddie Mercury (IC) x 20, Plank 30 count, flutter kicks (IC) x 20

Corner 4 – Shoulders —> Alt Shoulder taps (IC) x 20, Cherry Pickers (IC) x 20, Moroccan Nightclub (IC) x 50


1 round AmHams Rancid Style -50 in total


Bollywood found a car key promptly claimed by Fugitive. This is a great reminder to check your pockets before heading into the gloom- we really lucked out this time!

Rampage site launch tomorrow

Fancy feast flag pass tomorrow LB to Crowd Source

F3 foundation accepting donations- check slack for details

F3 Foundation Charity Poker tourney-tomorrow. Mufasa will take your money now or take it tomorrow.


LPC uncle funeral – Terry

Prayers for Yodel

Duke of DB dad

Cadbury and son

Prayers for those at UP laid off


[Al Borland]- went a little off script but here’s the gist.

I’m glad that I found F3 2 years and 3 months ago. This group of guys keep me grounded, discipled and have helped me to be a better man and husband. There is not a better group of men to spend my mornings with and it has been a real pleasure and honor to have had the opportunity to lead the Berm over the last year.

I mean this when I say it, I’ve never been around a group of so many leaders. Of which Schnitzel has always been someone that has impressed me.

This guy shows up every morning with a smile on his face even in the face exuding positivity. Despite all the day-to-day things that could throw someone off, being a husband, a dad and a Colorado fan- supporting your wife and family as your brother-in-law has fought through his health challenges. Never anything but positivity from you. The positivity you bring to the gloom is infectious and inspiring and it’s going to serve the men of F3 Omaha well over the next year. I say this with all sincerity. I’m excited for you and to see the berm continue to grow under your leadership.


I will keep this fairly brief, but I first wanted to express my thanks. AB thank you for your amazing leadership the past year and trusting me to carry forward The Berm greatness. Hopefully I can lead this site at the same level you did. Also a sincere Thanks to the F3 leadership and thanks to all of you that came out.

The date was May 4 2022, this was when Schnitzel was born into the world of F3. However, It was not all sunshine and rainbows that day. To be honest, my first workout sucked. It was terrible. I was EH’d by Truly and Slapshot and a man named Mufasa was on the Q. I remember it as if it were yesterday, getting out of the car and hearing Truly say “oh….you didn’t bring any gloves?” As I’m looking around, everyone has gloves on and then we jump straight into Mufasa’s burpee intro on Millard South’s disgusting cement parking lot (Im a Millard west alumn so I can say that). By the end of the Mufasas intro my hands were bloody….skin was missing…my brain told me that was stupid and never to go back, but luckily I didn’t listen that day….

Fast forward 18 months…I look around and I see for me, personally, the foundation of what was built over that time…And that foundation is fantastic relationships. No matter the season of life I was in, people were there. I’m not sure many of you know this but my brother in law was EH’d two weeks ago at Oracle. 16 months ago he was diagnosed with Stage 3 Pancreatic Cancer. When we were leaving Oracle that day someone mentioned to him “we’ve been doing a lot of praying for you Joey” and Joey look at me surprised. Driving to coffee that morning I explained to him that he’s essentially been a part of F3 for awhile now, he just didn’t know it. I told him I couldnt count how many times people texted or asked me about him after a workout. They didn’t know him…heck they barely knew me, these were guys I was just starting to get to know…but they reached out and still do. That’s how I knew F3 was different and these weren’t superficial. This is the crux of F3, a brotherhood who is there for you. Without fail. Consistently.

So I will leave you all with this…

I was trying to come up with a quote or saying for today and the one I kept thinking of was “consistency breeds opportunity”. Continue to consistently come out, consistently reach out, consistently serve others and amazing opportunities will arise.

Schnitzel Out.

The was passed in another peaceful transition of power.

Al Borland took us out in prayer.

Coffee at Hy-Vee

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