February 13, 2019, Stinson Park, AO- Heavy Metal, a refreshing 9 degrees F.

Pax: Borland, Wait Time, Honey Badger, Big One, Folsom

Q: Folsom

Folsom dedicated the workout to Vinnie Paul.  The PAX, not exactly metalheads, were confused but Folsom promised to explain in the COT.  Folsom made with the disclaimer, added a brief instruction on dead lift safety, but maintained that today’s beatdown would inherently be safer than the Spiderman wall climbing beatdown the Plague had put the PAX through the day before.  The mission statement was stated, and words plant and grow were not lost on Folsom as the Virgin Site Q for Heavy Metal, he was witnessing this mission first hand.  A warm up was had as it was in single digits out and the parking garage offered little warmth. 

Warm O’ Rama

Side, Straddle, Hop ICx20.

Sun Gods ICx12 forwards and backwards

Side Lunges ICx12

Shoulder Taps ICx20

Parker Peters ICx12

12 Merkens

The Album: Vinnie Paul Tribute

The beatdown was a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) 45 seconds of AMRAP followed by a brief 15 seconds of rest.  Each exercise was done 3 times before moving to the next exercise.  In other words the legs were wobbly from squats before moving to dead lifts but at least the squats were out of the way. 

1st Song (Legs)

Goblet Squats

Dead Lifts

Step Back Lunges with a Twist

2nd Song (Shoulders)

Bent Over Rows

Arnold Press

Up Right Rows

3rd Song (Abs)


Reverse LBC

American Hammers

4th Song (Arms)


Triceps Over Head

Rocky Curls


Borland shared that his 2.0 had scored the highest at her school on her high school entrance exams and was going to receive a renewable scholarship for her hard work.  T-Claps to Borland’s Brainiac!  Wait Time asked that we keep TC in our prayers as he continues to recover from foot surgery.  Stay Strong TC! Folsom began his COT “speech” by giving thanks for the day and the ability to be out in weather pumping iron then rambled on for what seemed like 20 minutes in the 9 degree weather.  Here are the high points and unlike Folsom’s “speech” these are in order: 

1. Read Freed to Lead.

2. The problem with Sad Clowns is that we don’t know we are Sad Clowns until we’ve taken the cure, a lot of the cure, and we may not even know the name or really understand what the disease is or why the cure helps until we read Freed to Lead. 

3.  When a Sad Clown dies, only his family mourns him. 

4. When a HIM dies, his death is felt all of the way out from his family and friends, throughout his community. 

5. The third F is the dynamite that leads us to be the type of men to do things that touch our community.  It changes us from Sad Clowns to HIM’s.

6. Don’t die a Sad Clown, die a HIM. 

7. (You were probably wondering if Folsom would ever get back to Vinnie Paul.)  Vinnie Paul died June 22, 2018.  He was the drummer and a founding member of Heavy Metal band Pantera.  Mr. Paul was not mentioned during the Grammy’s in memoriam section.  But Twitter was on fire with fans calling out the Grammy’s for what they termed “vile disrespect” to a “talented human being.”  So die a Vinnie Paul, whose death affected many, because the Grammy’s don’t matter anyway, we don’t do this for awards. 

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