February 14, 2019 | The Maize | Copperfield AO
PAX: Wait Time, Brazilian, Khakis, Chaz, Tater Tot, Bubbles, Point Break Plague and Sasquash.
Q: Sasquash (VQ)

After treacherous weather a week ago, the 20 degree weather felt like 60 in the Western Hemisphere of Omaha.

Sasquash started his morning in a frenzy as he couldn’t find his keys. After a tumultuous few minutes the keys were placed in the ignition for a 50 yard drive. Sasquash emerged punctual and relentless in the pursuit of leg pain from the get-go. 

Warm-O-Rama: looked more like a soccer pregame ritual in parking lot before the Squash-O-Rama of sasquashin (lunges) took full effect. [lateral slides, Karaoke, Lunges. But first, a quick jaunt turned into back alley hell hole to get the blood flowing. After passing by the men of fire, the pack of 9 made their way to a Halt for sasquats. Al Gores were first tree huggers in motion that tweaked its way to original form before long. Sasquat jumps revolutionized into jumpshots and the quest crew was “Moseying” right along.

THANG: Sasquash led the PAX across the AO in a “pearls on a string” routine. Group ran approximately three miles that included multiple pain stations focused on a leg exercises.

As time passed on this “lovely” morning, The Plague led prayer in brilliant fashion reflecting on the importance of love and the impact we can make in others lives.

Love trumps.

Sasquash out

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