March 6, 2019/Stinson Park/AO-Heavy Metal/6 with the same temp for real feel

Pax: Borland, Cyclone (respect!), Peaches, Picabo, Ponzi, Folsom (6, a record high!)

Q: Folsom

The mission statement and the disclaimer were made.  The PAX unloaded the heavy metal out of Folsom’s trunk, play was pushed on the Awesome Mix of hard rock, and the PAX circled up for Warm O’Rama.

Warm O’ Rama

Side, Straddle, Hop x20 IC

Hill Billy Squats 12 IC

Shoulder Taps x20 IC

Mountain Climbers x15 IC

The Thang: Maggie

Every great rock band has a heartbreak song, usually with a girl’s name for a title.  The Maggie is Heavy Metal’s version.  Like any great heartbreak song, it was divided into 3 parts, the attraction (pull exercises), the relationship (push exercises), and the break up (core exercises). The PAX performed one exercise at the 1st Station, did Farmer’s Walk to the 2nd Station, performed one exercise, did Zombie walk to the 3rd Station, did one exercise, did Zombie walk to Station 1 to perform the second exercise, etc.  All exercises were 20 reps, counted by ones, except core exercises that involved moving the sides separately, in those exercises moving each side added up to 1 rep.  The PAX did Al Gore until the 6 was in before moving to the next station.  There was some profane mumblechatter heard at the core station, apparently weighted V Ups and weighted Leg Scissors are hard. 

1st Station:  Bent Over Rows, Front Raises, Rear Raises, Up Right Rows, Lateral Raises, Curls.

2nd Station:  Werkins, Ranger Merkins, Shoulder Press, Diamond Merkins, Merkins, Overhead Triceps Press. 

3rd Station:  Weighted Sit ups, Weighted LBC’s, Weighted V Ups, Weighted American Hammers, Weighted Scissors, Chill Cut Dumbbell Touches. 

COT: Maggie, for Folsom, but not Picabo, wasn’t an ex-girlfriend, but was actually an ex-coworker.  Maggie was an attorney in the same office as Folsom who had worked there for probably 15 years, handling civil matters.  It wasn’t the type of work that would often get her in front of judges.  Maggie was smart, very smart, and worked hard, very hard.  In fact, she probably had the most workload of any attorney in the office.  But this wasn’t anything new to her.  She grew up on a farm and waited tables through college and law school.  One day Maggie decided to apply for a judgeship.  To get appointed to a judgeship, one has to be interviewed by all of the existing judges, usually competing against another 10 attorneys, then recommend by those judges with another person to the governor of Iowa.  The governor then picks one out of the two to be the new judge.  Maggie was appointed to the bench on her first attempt, very unusual.  The moral of the story:  You never know how high you can soar until you spread your wings and take that leap.   Aye- Folsom

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