February 6, 2019 | HEAVY METAL | Stinson Park AO | Temperature: 14
PAX: Baby Grand, Slow Roast, Selleck, Lowman, Borland and Wait Time.
QIC: Wait Time.

Metal music all started with Black Sabbath, therefore the first #HEAVYMETAL workout is aptly named, #BLACKSABBATH. Six PAX, mostly dressed in bad ass black brought their weights and black studded belts to the gloom. The Heavy Metal Workout was kicked off in honor of Folsom and Truss – dads who were #Dadsacking. Both were awakened by the “Hand of Doom,” not the Sabbath song, but instead daughters with a stomach bug. T-claps to Folsom for his site Q leadership and driving to the AO to deliver weights and the workout plan he developed. His understudy – Wait Time, took over. So, in terms of the work out – Wait Time became Ronnie James Dio to Folsom’s Ozzy Osbourne.

PAX moved to the third floor of the garage. Many learnings were gathered from the first session. First, the workout should probably occur on the second floor, with less traffic as Pacific Life staff were entering their building from the third floor walkway.

Heavy Metal went promptly into the workout – not a Warm-A-Rama.

THANG:  Rock Opera

All exercises were completed in 1 min AMRAP. Due to some technical issues with the sound system, PAX completed 2 ½ rotations of the following exercises:

Act 1: Goblet Squats | Dead Lifts | Step Back Lunges w/Twist
Act 2: Bent Over Rows | Arnold Press | Up Right Rows
Act 3: LBCs |Reverse LBC (1st rotation) Big Boy Sit Up w/ weight (2nd rotation) | American Hammers
Act 4: Curls | Triceps Overhead | Rocky Curls

Between each rotation, PAX did SSH x 20 IC, Mountain Climbers x 20 IC and 5 Burpees OYO.

Due to technical difficulties, music was switched from Wait Time’s sound system to Selleck’s blue tooth. There might have been some Neil Diamond played from Selleck’s playlist because we all know that Neil Diamond is on Heavy Metal’s Mt. Rushmore.

The Gloom: Selleck acknowledged all PAX for working out in the winter gloom. He said we can hope that Friday marks the low point for our cold weather as days are getting longer and March is in sight.
Wait Time finished the workout with a prayer for the men caring for their families, and expressing gratitude for Folsom’s leadership as Site Q and Khaki’s posting his VQ at Paradise Island.

Grace & Peace,

Wait Time

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