4-25-19 Futurama (Memorial Park)

PAX: (35) Wait Time, Borland, Twin Peaks, Hello Kitty (CarPAX) “Welcome”, Folsom, Lemon Law, Ponzi, Waffle House “Respect”, OMT, FDIC, Trademark, Selleck, Crab Cakes, Caboose ‘Hate”, Flipper “Hate”, Tonight Show, Bubbles “Hate”, Adam (Welcome FNG  Light Year), Biggie Smalls, Polaroid, Swinger, D League, Big One, Honey Stinger, Hard Hat, Caesar, Saul, Brazilian, Slow Roast, Tender Foot, Lowman, Room Service, Vandalay, Khakis “Respect” and Tater Tot

Co-Qs: Tater Tot & Khakis 

Welcome Tater Tot & Khakis welcomed the PAX and our Special Guest (Hello Kitty) from CARPAX to our Anniversary Edition Back to Q School.  It was a perfectly calm and comfortable 53 degrees as class began.  The bell rang precisely at 5:30 AM and Tater Tot went through in detail, the three Fs of F3, our Mission Statement, 5 Core Principles, and the Disclaimer, all along quizzing the class periodically of their knowledge of the aforementioned categories.  While the class was spot on with all of their answers, a few students forgot the instructions to raise their hand and wait until they were called upon.  Several energetic students in an attempt to show-off their book learnin’ skills just blurted out the answers and for that the class was punished with burpees for their overzealous indiscretions.  Khakis then reminded everyone of our F3 Credo – Leave no man behind, but leave no man where he’s at.  Always pick up the Six.  At that point Tater Tot instructed the class on a short mosey where we then circled up for the Warm-O-Rama.


Khakis started out the Warm-O-Rama reminding everyone of the importance of correctly and consistently getting the PAX ready for the next exercise and demonstrated for the proper sequence:         1. Next Exercise Side Straddle Hop (SSH Echoed by the PAX)  

2. Starting Position Move, 3. In Cadence, 4. Exercise (1,2,3 – One)

Khakis led the class through 5 exercises, 6 reps each In Cadence.

1. Side Straddle Hops 6 IC
2. Windmills 6 IC
3. String Rippers 6 IC
4. Pickle Pushers 6 IC
5. Mountain Climbers 6 IC

Tater Tot stepped in to lead the last Warm-O-Rama exercise SSH IC out loud for 6 reps and then the next 13 in a silent count.  He let the PAX know that if we all ended the silent count correctly at the same time there would be no additional reps.  Unfortunately Tater Tot noticed Bubbles just kept side straddling and hopping past 21 (there may have been others) but the class had to do 15 Burpees as a reminder of the importance of following directions.  


The Thang (Six Is In)

Tater Tot led the class on a short mosey down the stairs explaining “The Thang” as the PAX separated into 2 groups.


Round 1

Group #1 ran up the stairs, up and around Old Glory and back down the stairs making sure to pick up the Six and Al Gore until the Six was in. 

Meanwhile Group #2 – 20 Merkins on Down and Monkey Humpers (IC) planking until Group #1’s Six was in.  Then they jumped up and made the run up the stairs and back while Group 1 did 20 Merkins and 20 Monkey Humpers 


Round 2 – Run 

20 Dips on Down and 20 Step-Ups IC 

Round 3 – Run

20 Derkins on Down

20 Red Bull Smurf Jacks IC

Round 4 – Run

20 Peter Parkers IC

Copperhead Squats IC

After both groups completed 4 rounds each, Khakis and Group #2 called out “Omaha Omaha” and the PAX circled up for 6MoM. There was another pop quiz on the origin of 6MoM and another correct answer – thank you FDIC for raising your hand and waiting to be called on.  

(6MoM) 6 Minutes of Mary

The PAX circled up and got on their six.  Then everyone took a turn leading, first 6 American Hammers (IC) and then the next guy counted down from 6-1 and then the next guy 6 American Hammers (IC) and then the next guy counted down from 6-1 so on and so on -102 American Hammers in all. The PAX then returned to their feet for COT.

(COT) Circle of Trust

Know where you came from, know where you are, and know where you want to go.  Prophetic words as we stood at Memorial Park aka Futurama celebrating our 1 year anniversary. 

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