Golden Spike AO| Burke High School| Somewhere in the 40s| 4/26/19

PAX: Bubbles (hate!), Chaz (hate!), Swinger, Lowman, Checklist (FNG, hate, welcome!), Wet Wipes (FNG, welcome!), Room Service, Stretch, Danielson (hate!), Honey Badger, Wait Time/Tom Crean, Twin Peaks, Placebo, Formaldehyde, Dufresne (hate), Caesar (hate), Safe Ride, Slow Roast (mad props), Saul, Tater Tot, Khakis (respect!), Lightyear, Wafflehouse (respect!), Selleck, Hello Kitty, Baby Grand (mad props), Vandelay, Honey Stinger, Hard Hat, Brazilian

Q: The Big One & Ponzi

Intro given & 5 Core Principles, as well as the theme for today which was the F3 Credo:

“Leave No Man Behind, But Leave No Man Where You Found Him”

Running Disclaimer was given by Ponzi during the initial mosey. Thank you Q school instructors for your wise teachings yesterday

Warm-o-rama: Led by The Big One


Tempo Squats



String Ripper

Sun gods

Alternating Shoulder Taps

Pre-Thang: The Search for “Ponzi’s Gold” on Ponzi’s Hill

Ponzi brought a package of wipes and wanted to show everyone how unafraid he was of returning to the site of his previous disaster/embarrassment. So we returned to the exact site where Ponzi took what will forever be known in F3Omaha lore as “a Ponzi” a few weeks ago.

We did 3 total hills in honor of 3 known men who have ADMITTED to crapping their pants during an F3 workout this year. There are more of you out there. I know. Don’t be ashamed to come forward. #MeTooF3PonziPoopMovement

Things Heard From Pax While Running the Hill: “There’s Gold in Them Hills!”

Bottom of Hill: Hand Release Merkins – 10 OYO

Top of Hill: The Ponzi Pinch (Nod to The Plague for creating this exercise motion…we miss you!!) – 10 OYO

Finished with 10 hand release merkins as a group on Ponzi’s down.

The Thang: Led by The Big One
Partner up!

  1. Partner Carry to the 50. Then other partner carries to the goal line. – patty cake merkins in endzone x 16
  2. Partner Push. Switch at the 50. – partner leg throws in endzone x 15 – Parker Peters x 20 IC
  3. Wheelbarrows (25 yards). Switch every 25 yards until goal line.- partner leg throws x 15
  4. Bear Fight. (25 yards). Switch with partner every 25 yards until the goal line – power derkins x 15
  5. Jog w/ your partner to the 50 then sprint the last 50

PAX circled at the 50 yard line for Bull In The Ring and a little friendly competition led by F3 Troubadour Hello Kitty!

PAX completed 5 burpees for good measure

6 MoM:
Bubbles was supposed to Q at The Woodshed. Big One & Ponzi were concerned he couldn’t handle an entire convergence Q. So he was given a few Mary exercises instead.

  • Flutter Kicks IC
  • LBCs IC
  • American Hammer with sandbags dispersed throughout the group which we passed around the circle as Bubbles called out the cadence


  • Big day tomorrow at The Oracle as we celebrate F3Omaha’s 1 year anniversary! Woohoo! Bring an FNG! Trying to get to double digit FNGs tomorrow!
  • Picnic at Vala’s tomorrow! Should’ve RSVP’d by now or Wait Time will NOT be pleased
  • T Claps to Slow Roast for providing free coffee for the group today and missing most of the workout to do so!
  • T Claps to F3 Troubadour Hello Kitty for coming and supporting us and speaking to the PAX afterward!


The Big One & I asked Khakis to share briefly because to us, he represents what happens when we live the credo, “Leave No Man Behind But Leave No Man Where You Found Him”. Multiple PAX would run with Khakis in his early F3 days and now he can be seen out front leading the group or in the back running with the guys that used to be where he was. During various runs PAX would head back and run with Khakis and I would argue they often got more out of it than they initially realized. I know I did. Khakis always encouraged guys while running with him or would even push us to go harder with him. Running with Khakis helped me see F3 is more than just a bunch of dudes trying to outdo one another but it’s about a brotherhood and looking out for one another. So yeah, heading back to pick up the six might sound like just another F3 thing we kind of do around here but it’s really more than that. And I would encourage everyone to do it.

Practical ways to pick up the six:

  • Run in the back with the last dude.
  • Or push it hard, run to the front, and when you get to the end, get some extra credit in and go pick up the last guys by running back for them. That’s the beauty of F3! You can get extra work in AND leave no man behind.

Lastly, I wanted to discuss the 2nd part of the credo, “Leave No Man Where You Found Him”

I shared this quote…

And I would add….Go to F3. Yes we encourage each other often in this group but we also push one another to grow and to not stay where we are. To me, that’s what it means to leave no man where you found him. To constantly push and encourage one another to grow beyond where we were and to continue growing.

Leave No Man Behind But Leave No Man Where You Found Him!

(Unless his name is Slow Roast. Just leave that dude wherever you found him!)


Ponzi & The Big One

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