April 24, 2019//Stinson Park//AO- Heavy Metal//46 gorgeous degrees//

Pax: Brazilian, Cyclone (respect!), Picabo, Wide Right, Slow Roast, Rollbar, Safe Ride, Borland, Folsom

Q: Folsom

The PAX gathered ‘round the stage in Stinson Park while Folsom selected his personally curated playlist of the best of The Hold Steady. The Hold Steady is not only a damn fine rock band, but a spiritual one as well. Their songs of redemption and faith fit nicely with today’s Q source topic. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Heavy Metal had a Q source today about Faith and the role F3 has played this past year in the faith of its PAX. So Suck It Paradise Island! The mission statement and the disclaimer were made.  The PAX circled up for Warm O’Rama.

Warm O’ Rama

Seal Jacks x 10 IC

Copperhead Air Squats x 10 IC

Tempo Merkens x10 IC

Monkey Humpers x 10 IC

The Thang: Ring of Fire

Folsom broke out his old toys and few new 45 lbs. concrete blocks (Coupons) for pain stations arranged in a circle on the stage.  The PAX were told to rotate Counter-Clockwise, because Heavy Metal is a counter culture movement, through the following exercise Stations.  Farmer’s Walk is the time keeper, walk 50 yards, set down the new coupons, run back to the circle and call out switch, all other exercises are AMRAP.  Complete Circuit = 5 Burpees.  The PAX made 4 rotations through the Ring of Fire, and with just enough spare time that Folsom called an audible for the PAX to grab the nearest dumbbell and get on their sixes for 10 reps, 10 count rest, 10 reps, etc., around the circle of American Hammers for a quick and dirty Mary.  It came out to 50 IC American Hammers with weight.  Not a bad way to get a good burn! 

  1. 40 yards Farmer’s Walk (Two 45 lbs. Coupons)
  2. Goblet Squats (One 45 lbs. Coupon)
  3. Hand release Merkens
  4. Bent Over Rows (One 45 lbs. Coupon)
  5. Ab Wheelies
  6. Dead Lifts (25 lbs. dumbbells)
  7. Thrusters (20 lbs. dumbbells)
  8. Curls for Gurls (25 lbs. dumbbells)
  9. American Hammers (20 lbs. dumbbell)

Mumblechatter: Mad props to Slow Roast who came in a bit late, but came none the less and made our PAX 9 deep which fit much better with the 9 pain stations.

Announcements/Prayer Requests: Wide Right reminded us that Mustaches for Kids has their clean shave the 2nd of May.  Grow a ‘stache and support a good cause at the same time.  Safe Ride is working with his law firm to offer safe rides home from the Mustache events.  Folsom asked for prayers for his friend Vada, as she heals from a dog attack.  Brazilian asked for prayers for No Doze and his family who are 21 strong in a house on vacation with a nasty stomach bug taking out half the family. 

COT: There’s this new pop song, piano ballad, sounds like Lady GaGa or Adel.  It is called You Say by Lauren Harris/Daigle.  The chorus is this, “You say I am loved when I can’t feel a thing.  You say I am strong when I think I am weak… And I believe, oh I believe what say of me, I believe.” Does it really work that way?  If you come home, tell your M you love her, plop down on the couch and don’t move for 6 hours while she cooks, cleans, and cares for the kids, are you going to get a kiss goodnight, or swift kick in the ass on your way to the couch?  If we’re doing the Burpee Mile together and you’re just gassed with 10 burpees to go, and I say hey, “You’re strong.”  Are you gonna believe me and crush those 10 burpees, or are you gonna say, “You’re f#&king nuts, I’m gassed.  I can’t do this.”?  I think it’s the later answer to both questions.  So how do you show your M you love her?  You help around the house and you make her a priority.  So how do I help you crush those burpees?  I say, “Let’s do them together.  We got this!”  I pick up the six and we finish strong together.  You can work out at a gym with your headphones in like I did for years.  Or you can join a “box” and do CrossFit or Kosoma and get fit.  But will any of those dudes see you struggle and come back to get you?  Will they do extra reps to help you finish yours?  I really doubt it.  Never happened to me at the gym.  That’s what makes F3 so special and so important.  The beatdown above is the fitness you can find other places, but probably not as good as that above, because the Ring of Fire is gold baby!  The fellowship F3 brings to the table is what makes it so special.  We are here for each other.  We pick up each other because sometimes you need to carry your brother and other times you need your brother to carry you.  That’s what the second F, Fellowship, is all about.

Aye- Folsom

Q Source

A great discussion was held, tailgate style, with Starbucks and questions prepared by The Plague.  Folsom facilitated his ass off and got a great discussion going about the role faith plays in the life of the PAX and in F3.  Discussion was also had about true purpose and how wrong moves help us to find our true purpose and how we put up a mask and express a different purpose to others out of pride. 

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