January 6, 2023//Elmwood Park//AO-The Woodshed//Frosty’s 3 Year

Pax: Hiipster, Good Lookin’, Snowman, Woody, Predator, Sputnik, Spreadsheet, Two-Step, Bovine, Spacebar, Slow Pitch, Khakis, Touche’, Safe Ride, Tin Cup, E85, Buns of Steel, Folsom, Bloodshot, Caruso, Rancid, Beeps, Tater Tot, Rocket, Polaroid, Sandy Cheeks, Hooah, 

Q: Frosty

Frosty welcomed the PAX to F3, reviewed 5 core principles, creedo and disclaimer.  With that we moseyed to Creepy Corner for a little Warm-O-Rama

Warm O’ Rama:  15 SSH, 15 Tappy-Taps, 10 Big Ones, 10 Windmills 

Feeling warmer, we moseyed the rest of the way to the “Parking Garage In Question”

The Pre-Thang:  Cupid Shuffle
YHC has a few “go-to” activities for a pre-thang.  “De-Frosting”, “Tip-To-Tip” and the “Cupid Shuffle”.  I gave the PAX their choice between Tip-To-Tip and Cupid Shuffle and it was there was a mildly warmer call for Cupid Shuffle.

The Cupid Shuffle pre-thang is exactly how it sounds.  We play the song “The Cupid Shuffle”, just the moves are different.  First things first, you plank through the entire song.  The commands in the song are as follows:

“Down” – Merkin
“To the Left” – Plank Step to the left
“To the Right” – Plank Step to the right
“Kick” – Donkey Kick
“Walk It By Yourself” – Mountain Climbers

The Cupid Shuffle is 3:52 in length, but today we cut it off around 3 minutes because IF YOU CAN’T DO IT, DON’T Q IT – and it just wasn’t my day (although I heard the same from a few others)

The Thang:  “21s” – Similar to The Plague’s beatdown from my first week!

So, it was my anniversary and I was feeling nostalgic.  My first week, The Plague lead us in 21s in this exact parking garage.  On one side was SLALOM MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS and on the other side was SQUAT JUMPS.  

My performance that first week in 2020 was not great. In fact, I “wondered off” to the side of the building and sat down. When a concerned Slow Pitch approached me, I muttered the infamous line, “It’s Medical”. . . It was not.

Man, my head hurt so bad and I just couldn’t catch my breath. Guys, I could barely get through warm-o-rama back then. I needed F3 so bad. I’m so glad I found you.

When I introduced this beatdown, I said I was looking forward to the challenge of doing the exercise that nearly killed me 3 years ago.  I was looking forward to the challenge.  I did – ok.  

But I digress, YHC got down to ten/eleven when Omaha was called and we circled up for some Mary

6 MOM: Using a one-minute hourglass timer we did one minute of:
Big Boys
Flutter Kicks
Big Boys
Elbow to Knees

Announcements: I wanted to wait until I had a little resolution to my problem before I posted my backblast, so the announcements are outdated.

It is worth mentioning that a couple of PAX spoke up about YHC during the COT with words that were so humbling and heart-warming. I’m so grateful to be among you men. It is such an honor. I love you individually and I love what happens when you’re together.

COT:  Three Year Anniversary . . . We’ve got some work to do guys.  We’ve come so far in so many ways.  From a fitness standpoint I lost over 30 lbs the first year and have kind of been stuck since.  I was able to run an entire half-marathon last year and that’s great, but I just don’t feel I’ve accelerated to my potential.  The thing is, I know what my Jester is there and so I know how to fix it. 

Just like fitness, my interpersonal relationships have come a long way but I had a situation over Thanksgiving with my family. I had a great day on Thanksgiving. Thankful Trot, beatdown, coffeteria. Then I went to breakfast and to a movie with friends from F3, then over to Doppler’s.

It wasn’t until I went to be with my family that I experienced negativity. It really bummed me out and seemed unnecessary. It lead to words that shouldn’t have been spoken and then me boycotting Christmas with them. Looking back, I needed to set some boundaries but I did it wrong. That’s not what High Impact Men do. They don’t avoid people. High Impact Men meet people where they are.

I miss my dad. (I went to lunch with my dad the next Tuesday and we had a great talk. There’s way more than one lunch-worth of straightening out to do there, but we had a good start)

I felt uneasy having this much disharmony in my life going into a 3rd-Anniversary Q. I felt like I should have myself together more in the 1st F and 2nd F in my life. It felt hypocritical to lead when I was failing so bad.

It was good to just tell the guys where I was, what I had done and how I felt. I wouldn’t even care about these things if it weren’t for F3. I’m so grateful I can run around with you all in the Gloom and I’m even more grateful for the desire to accelerate.

Aye- Frosty

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  • Frosty, you’re a good man! You have been a cordial inspiration to me and many others in F3. Keep up the good work, even when you think you aren’t!

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