1/18/2023 Beverly Hills

Temp: 32 degrees and the whole city of Omaha was waiting for a ton of snow. (Didn’t happen)   

PAX:  –No Cry, Joe Buck, Rancid, Sputnik, Beeps, FDIC, Othello, U Haul, Touché

QIC: Touché

The Opener – Touché

 FNG today – 0

Mosey – The PAX moseyed to picnic tables for Warm a Rama and pre thang.

Warm – A – Rama:

16 Goofballs IC

16 Tappy Taps IC

16 Tater Taps IC

Sun Gods 10 forward 10 backward

Pre Thang

20 dips

20 Squats

20 Incline Merkins

Rinse and repeat 5 times.

Mosey – to the North side of the pond.

The Thang: 7 or Ovals instead of diamonds around the pond. 4 stops with exercises ascending from 7 and multiply by 7. Exercise 1 7 Merkins, mosey ¼ around pond to next stop 7 merkins, mosey ¼ to next stop 7 Merkins, mosey ¼ 7 Merkins and so on. Exercises below.

7 Merkins

14 Flutter Kicks

21 Copperhead Squats

28 Cherry Pickers

21 Squats 

14 LBC’s

7 Burpees

Pax pushed hard and Omaha was called at 0606 after a full lap of 21 Squats. 

Mosey– Back to the shovel flags.


American Hammers


My word for the year is Intentional – done on purpose; deliberate. I looked up deliberate as well. Deliberate – done consciously, and intentionally. I can go through a whole day from morning prayers, workout, work, meetings, and at the end of the day get nothing from it because I’m just going through the motions. I need to be more intentional and deliberate with my words and actions. Staying present and intentional keeps my life more rewarding and helps me grow. 

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Beverly Hills

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