3/19/2019 | Cornhusker Handicap AO | Stinson Park – Aksarben Village

PAX:16 – Saul, The Big One, Picabo, Ponzi, Tater Tot, Wait Time, No Doze, Khakis (Respect), Folsom, Point Break, Lowman, OMT, Walk On, Honey Stinger, Tonight Show, Selleck

QIC: No Doze

Weather:  38 degrees and perfect.  Shorts!

Four made to the pre-run.  5K @ 5 for Lowman, Wait Time, Saul, and YHC. 

Mission statement and disclaimer were given.  PAX mosey to the permanent structure for Warm-o-Rama:

          -SSH -25 IC

          -String Rippers aka Tappy Taps – 15 IC

          -Pickle Pusher – 15 IC

-Cherry Pickers – 15 IC

-Imperial Walkers – 15 IC

Stayed at the structure for the Pre-Thang: PAX paired off and did 5-1 and 1-5 pull-ups as fast as possible.  Pax 1 does 5 pullups, Pax 2 does 5.  Switch as fast as possible and do 4, 3, 2, 1.  Then climb the ladder back up 1-5.  Total = 30 pullups. 

Mosey to Baxter Arena parking lot for The THANG:

Escalator (one man grinder):  Pax ran to end of parking lot and back. Upon returning, perform series of exercises with escalating reps. 

10 burpees – down and back

20 Mountain Climbers – IC – down and back.

30 Merkins – down and back

40 Squats – down and back

50 SSH – Not IC – down and back

40 Squats – down and back

30 Merkins – down and back

20 Mountain Climbers – down and back

10 burpees – down and back

          Rinse and repeat for 25 mins.  Some Sugar Rays made it down once, up once, and half way or more back up again.  Aye!

          Mosey back to the playground for 6 MoM:

         –2 minute burpee test – and accompanying mumblechatter.

        – Dying cockroaches – 15 IC

        – American Hammer – 41 IC  



-Announcements:  Wild Kingdom launch at Zorinsky next Tuesday.  Convergence with Cornhusker Handicap.

-Walk On challenged Pax to perform 50 pushups for each day of the NCAA tourney to recognize addiction recovery. 

-Check your Sunday email for Ponzi’s NCAA bracket challenge.  Fill out brackets before Thursday games begin. The entry fee is $10. See email for payment/entry details.  2nd F at BWW (76th & Dodge) this FRIDAY from 11:30am – whenever your M tells you to come home.

– Donations welcome at AO’s this week to aid flood victims.  Tclaps to Pax donating today.  Folsom reminded Pax that bleach and other supplies (not water) were top priority. Cash donations are always helpful. Check pre-blasts for AO’s collecting donations. 

-YHC asked Pax to do whatever they could, no matter how big or small, to help victims of flooding.  The problem may seem so big that we don’t know how to help or where to even start, but every little bit helps. 

          -YHC read poem by Nebraska poet Don Welch

Advice From a Provincial

When you drive down our river-road,

spare us your talk about our backwardness,

of how mile after unrelieved mile dispirits you,

of how there is nothing, simply nothing to see.

Go back to your homes and work on your eyes,

bring back a sight which can co-create meaning.

Then notice at sunset how our river is on fire,

a long burning vowel running westward,

back to the mountains, those granite consonants

which thrust themselves at the sky.

Slow down. Colorado can wait.

Skiing, of course, will make the cold warmer,

bot think of this river, frozen in winter,

as a long silent scream.

To the settlers who waited it out,

who felt their sodhouses thaw,

who survived this place and were scarred,

pay a momentary tribute.

And, in spring, if you’re the right kind,

catch the wind with its invisible fingers

making love to the water.

You’ll never read it in a brochure,

but the only worthwhile rivers

are those which simplify lives.

From The Platte River: Poems. 1992.

-Closed with prayer for those dealing with the floods. 

Stay safe, healthy, and happy,           -No-Doze

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