March 16, 2019//Boys Town//AO- Oracle//25 degrees with the same temp for real feel//

24 Pax: Reba, Wait Time, Coach K, The Worm, Honey Badger, Honey Stinger, No Doze, Six Shooter, Lowman, Big One, Waffle House (Respect!), Room Service, Grease Monkey, Tater Tot, Brazilian, Tonight Show, Vandelay, Selleck, CSI, The Gipper, Crab Cakes, Cyclone (Respect!), Ponzi, Folsom.
Q: Folsom
The mission statement and the disclaimer were made. The PAX moseyed to the high school stairs and circled up for Warm O’Rama.
Warm O’ Rama
Drunken Sun Gods both directions ICx10
Hill Billy Squats ICx12
Walk Out Merkins ICx10
(Folsom could not get these in cadence, but the PAX muddle through)
Finkle Swings ICx12 (alternating high kicks)
LL Cool J ICx5 (lounge each leg, burpee, jump squat)
The Pre-Thang: Bear Crawl Ring of Fire
PAX moseyed back to the roundabout by the shovelflags and began a clockwise bear crawl on the inside of the roundabout. One half lap done, 10 Merkins. Bear Crawl the other way for half a lap, 10 more Merkins. Rinse and repeat until Folsom feels like barfing, which was only the two. The PAX then took a long mosey (1/2 mile) to the baseball field.
The Thang: Heavy Metal
Folsom explained the three pain stations described below, and then split the PAX into 3 equal groups of 8. Everyone in each group did one trip around the circle. The first station group pushes the other two groups. The other two groups complete as many exercises as possible while waiting for the Spin the Black Circle Group to finish their trip around the Merkins, coupons, ab wheel, and kettlebell. Once all three groups took one trip around the Black Circle, with the first group getting a little bonus time, Omaha was called and the PAX mosied to the roundabout for 6 MOM. This is where Folsom learned a valuable lesson about this Omaha PAX: don’t joke about doing something harder than intended, because the PAX will jump on it. Folsom jokingly said that the PAX had to carry all the coupons back to his car parked by the shovelflags. The PAX didn’t find it funny, but simply picked up everything and moseyed. T Claps to whoever ran back with the coupons and the 40 lbs. kettlebell.
Station 1: Spin the Black Circle (Ring of Fire)
Time Keeper: 20 Merkins (all other exercises AMRAP with coupon unless otherwise noted)
Ab Wheelies
Kettlebell Swings
Overhead Presses
Goblet Squats
Bent Over Rows
Upright Rows
Sit Ups
Dead lifts
Triceps Press
Station 2: Upper/Lower/Core
20 Werkins, 20 Sumo Squats, 10 Ranger Merkins, 20 Monkey Humpers, 15 Carolina Dry Docks, 30 LBC’s.
Station 3: Indian Run
Circle the parking lot. Complete 1 lap= do 10 Merkins, rinse and repeat.
After a short mosey carrying all of coupons, kettlebell, etc.

Protractor (call out degrees, 10, 30, 45, 60, 90)(mumblechatter was heard that a lawyer like Folsom should not be able to do the math involved in this exercise.)
Freddy Mercury (I hate to admit it, but this is where my abs really started to burn, I think I only got 15 in cadence.)
Scissors (The burn continued, got 20 IC tho!)
American Hammers 10 by 10 IC. (went through 40 or 50, I was in too much pain to keep count, maybe the mumblechatter was right about me counting)
Announcements: Waffle House is working on collecting donations for victims of the recent flooding and doing something special for Memorial Day. The Wild Kingdom, Omaha’s newest AO, will open the 26th at Lake Zorinsky. There will be a convergence with the Cornhusker Handicap for the grand opening.
COT: One Day at a Time
Folsom described why what his friend, Mike, said to him yesterday at lunch, had such an impact on him. First some history: In November of 2017, Mike was like any of us, a 30 something year old, healthy, happy, father of 3, with a beautiful and loving wife. Then Mike got a cold, maybe pneumonia, and ended up in the hospital, struggling to breathe. Mike then suffered what doctors called a “massive stroke”. He almost died for the first time because staff didn’t recognize the stroke due to his sleep like state from the breathing issues. Mike had a blood infection that spread like wildfire through his body, probably causing the stroke before the dr.’s knew it was there. It infected his heart, necessitating an open heart surgery the dr. did not want to do because Mike was still recovering from the stroke and the dr. was afraid Mike would die on the operating table. Mike was in a coma for about 2 weeks before the surgery. He almost died for the second time the day before the surgery, his heart, filled with infection, almost giving up. Then he almost died for the third time the night after the 6 hour open heart surgery. The infection was still in his body and he went septic. Three months later Mike was in rehab at Madonna. For personal reasons that may make up another COT someday, December 31, 2018 was the last time I spoke to Mike until yesterday. Brazilian brought Mike to lunch in Council Bluffs with me. Mike walked into that restaurant by his own power, his right side very weak, his speech greatly impaired, but still Mike, still alive. I told him, for the first time, that I thought he was going to die 3 different times. I told him how scared and sad we all where at the thought of losing him. Mike looked at me, shrugged, and said, “One Day at a Time.” One Day at a Time. That hit me like a truck. We all get one day at a time. We get that day to get better, we may not have the struggle that Mike has each new day, but we each have our own cross to bear. The Lord gives us one day at a time to do what He put us on this earth to do. It doesn’t matter if you’re the last guy running to the shovelflags or the first, father or childless, husband or single, lawyer or stay at home dad, we all get One Day at a Time to be the best us we can be. We all fail, we all stumble, but God willing, we get another day to do better. Thank you, Lord, for that One Day at a Time. Amen.
Aye- Folsom

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