3/21/2018 | Futurama AO | Memorial Park

PAX:8 –Tater Tot, No Doze, Folsom, Bubbles, Point Break, Cyclone (Respect), Honey Stinger, Shortwave (FNG – Jimmy Schiel)

QIC: No Doze

Weather:  32 degrees.  Shorts!

YHC took a solo pre-run.  Returned to the AO and greeted the FNG.  He thought I was Tater Tot, but must have realized his mistake when I doffed the stocking cap. 

Mission statement and disclaimer were given.  Pax moseyed south down the big hill to Dodge and back up north to the colonnade.  Lots of mumblechatter about what this hill has in store for future Futuramas.   Warm-o-Rama at the colonnade. 

            -SSH -20 IC

            -String Rippers aka Tappy Taps – 12IC

            -Step Ups – 10 IC

-Moroccan nightclub – 12IC

-Incline Merkins – 20

-Dips – 20

-Raccoon Crawl – once around the flagpole

The PAX moseyed to the esplanade for The THANG:

            Partner 1 ran up the stairs and back while partner 2 performed the exercises.  Flapjack until team completes total of the following:

            50 burpees

            100 mountain climbers – IC

            150 merkins

            200 squats

            250 SSH


SSH is an underutilized exercise. Case in point: run a massive set of stairs after 50-75 SSH and listen to the mumble chatter. Pax went from taking two steps at a time to “baby steps.” Point Break and Bubbles killed it may have made it to a second round of mtn. climbers. 

6 MoM:

90 second plank

-Marge and Homer, Marge and Homer, Marge and Homer, Marge and Homer, Marge and Homer  . . . . and so on until no one was saying “D’oh!”

-American Hammer – 4 sets of 10IC


            –Name-o-Rama  – Welcome Shortwave – radio host.   

-Announcements:  Point Break has the Q at Woodshed.  Bring items to donate for flood relief – cleaning supplies in particular. 

-Tater Tot announced that donations will be accepted prior to Bluejay b-ball game at CHI Center this Friday.

-Tater Tot gave #Tclaps to Shortwave for coming out to meet him for the first time at a workout at 530 a.m.  Nice work today Shortwave. 

– YHC closed out the COT, and encouraged Pax to keep EH’g FNGs.  We won’t grow just because the weather is nice. 

-Shared with Pax that I use COT as a reminder to reflect throughout the day, in addition to trying to study more on self-improvement.  Last night took out the bible for words on handling anger.  “Fools give full vent to their rage, but the wise bring calm in the end.”  Proverbs 29:11.

            Coffeteria at Crane after.  Pax shared multiple videos of shorties doing F3 things like name-a rama.  Stinger’s 2.0s even EH’d Honey Badger.  Point Break’s 2.0 has mad Hammer skills.  May challenge YHC for the title one day.



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