9/18/2018. Cornhusker Handicap AO | Stinson Park | 6750 Mercy Road

PAX: 16 – Daniel San, Wait Time, Hootenanny, Roll Bar, Picabo, Big One, FNG (Adrian Rider aka Tater Tot) Walk On, Folsom, Waffle House, Honey Stinger, Ponzi, The Plague, Borland, Biggie Smalls.

Q: Selleck

Weather: As my uncle would say it was “close.” Meaning, it was humid and sticky like the atmosphere around us is coming in close…on the verge of smothersome.

Selleck welcomed 15 PAX & 1 FNG. Mission statement, core principles and disclaimer were given. To flex the 3rd F muscle, Selleck pledged to donate $10 per PAX member to American Red Cross efforts in support of Hurricane Florence aid.  Other disaster relief and fundraising opportunities to provide help to others are listed in the COT/announcements. Selleck challenged the PAX to grab on to something this week and find a way to support those in need. Every donation, no matter how big or small, makes a difference.

PAX moseyed to the stage for warm-o-rama. To distract the PAX from the ensuing disaster, Selleck provided tunes throughout the beatdown.


Flying Sun Gods – 10 IC each leg

Copperhead Squats – 15 IC

AST – 15 IC

Down dog/Cobra x 2

SSH – 15 IC

<<<The PAX then moseyed to east side of the park for part 1 of the thang.>>>

1 – The THANG: “Triple D”

Selleck informed everyone to get cozy on a bench for Triple D:

  • Dips x 15
  • Derkins x 15
  • Dry Dock – Scorpion x 15 each leg (Carolina DD with 1 leg extended in the air)

PAX rinsed and repeated 3 times in total. Significant mumbling was in effect (particularly from Monday MUPRH crew), and 2nd and 3rd scorpions were modified to standard issue Carolina.

<<<Biggie Smalls led the PAX on a lap around the park before part 2 of the thang>>>

2 – The THANG: “Super Ball & Wall”

PAX nestled into a patch of grass for Super 21’s

  • 1 big boy sit-up; flip to 1 merkin
  • 2 big boy sit-ups; flip to 2 merkins
  • Etc. all the way to 21

Mumble was entering 8 on a 10 scale, basic counting skills eluded Selleck, and thus a slight modification occurred. Big boy sits up were converted to LBC around set #9/10; merkins trailed off into pickle pushers around the same time, but Wait Time reinstituted merkins at set #14/15. The PAX shared the count load and achieved super 21 status.

PAX grabbed adjacent wall for crazy indian and wall-sits.

  • PAX assumed 45 degree balls to the wall (BTTW) position.
  • While holding 1 PAX member ran the mini-loop and then re-engaged in BTTW tagging out with next member in line.
  • Half way BBTW switched to wall sit
  • Three-quarters wall-sit switched back to BTTW

Routine concluded after all ran the loop.

6 MoM:

Box Cutters – 15 IC

Cindy Crawfords – 15 IC each side

American Hammer (20 IC) – The Plague on the call.


  • Name-o-Rama commenced and we welcomed our FNGs, Tater Tot who was recruited by The Big One.
  • Announcements:
  • Thanks to an accountable PAX, Selleck pledging $$$ to American Red Cross to help with disaster relief efforts



  • Two additional opportunities to support community fundraising efforts are underway in the coming weeks:
    • It Starts With One-Step “Fund-raiser Walk for Prader-Willi Syndrome.” September 22 – 9 AM to 11 AM. 14807 Starlite Circle, Bennington NE.  For more information: see Snip (Brian Kalasek) Text or call 402.618.2433.
  • “Wheels” for Jakson – Event at The Warehouse Grille to help purchase reliable transportation for Jakson Delancy.



Close: The Plague sent us on our way with a prayer of encouragement and for those in need.

Quick Coffeteria followed with Wait-Time, Daniel San, Ponzi, Big One and Selleck.


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