PAX: Placebo, Ethanol, Hard Hat, Crab Cakes, Thunderhead, Bones, Dufresne, Waffle House, Wait Time, Lemon Law

QIC: Lemon Law

AO: Copperfields

Weather: mid-70s, humid-ish. Humidity isn’t really a factor when you create your own.

I go to a church which currently meets in the gym of the local junior high (if you want to donate to a building fund, let me know). Said gym has a whiteboard. Last Sunday, I noticed written on the whiteboard was the beginnings of a good beatdown. Hence the inspiration for this morning’s routine.

YHC greeted the PAX with the mission and the disclaimer. YHC has a sore back due to poor form recently. Maintain proper form – if you don’t know proper form, ask or look it up on YouTube.

Hanging Out With Your Friends Before School (aka Warm-a-Rama)

Remember standing with your buds outside school before the bell rang? Talking football, baseball, the latest cassette (yes…cassette!) from The Cult or Public Enemy. Good times…good times. PAX did an F3 version of this, but instead of talking sports, music, or cute girls, we did the following:
Mosey to the basketball court

String Rippers x10 IC

Abe Vigodas x10 IC

Cherry Pickers x15 IC (was actually x10 IC then x5 IC, thanks to Wait Time)

Nancy Kerrigans x10 IC forward, x10 IC reverse

SSH x15 IC

Then the bell ring…school’s in session, Mr. Starks.

Class Schedule (aka The Thang)

Cardio/aerobic exercise was always pushed in gym class when I was a lad. With this in mind, going through the stations below, rather than planking for the six, instruction was given that first PAX to station had to lead movement exercise (e.g., SSH, knee-highs, burpees).

History Class

Long mosey to the benches by the pond

WWII sit-ups x25 IC

Reverse crunches x25 IC


Mosey to the end of the pond

Mountain Climbers x30 IC

Parker Peters x30 IC


Mosey back to the benches



Mosey back to the basketball court

Copperhead Squats x40 IC

At this point, the bell rang. PAX were given homework of 5 minutes of suicides and burpees.

Walking/Riding the Bus Home with Your Friends (aka 6MoM) 

Mosey back to the flags

Cindy Crawfords x12 IC each side (because Cindy Crawford and Elle Macpherson were the SI swimsuit ladies when I was in junior high)


American Hammer (aka Russian Twist, but we hated the Russkis back when I was in junior high).


1) Reminder: if you don’t know proper form, look up exercises on YouTube

2) Ethanol completed a half-marathon this past weekend! Per Ethanol, he had to battle some demons along the way to get the point where he could accomplish this feat. Whether your demons are little or big, talk to someone about them – your spouse, friend, counselor, whomever. The demons don’t go away unless you start with a first step and get momentum to overcome them.

3) Check out The Woodshed tomorrow morning at 5:30am at Elmwood Park, and The Oracle at 7am at Boys Town on Saturday.


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