PAX: Snip, Selleck, Biggie Smalls, Bubba Gump, Brazilian, 40 Grit, Waffle House, Rollbar, Folsom, Hootenanny, Wait-time

Q: Boom Boom


– Side Straddle Hop x15

– String rippers x15

– Leg levers x10


We had a little hiccup in traffic this morning so it wasn’t as organized as I originally intended, but this was the result. Everyone brought a ruck/bag with some weight, varied from 10 – 45lbs.

– 50 (4ct) Flutter kicks

o Bear crawl to next station

– 50 Squats

o Bear crawl and drag ruck to next station

– 20 Ruck swings

o Low crawl to next station

– 20 Overhead presses

o Lunge to next station

– Repeat 3 times


– Held ruck above head for an undetermined period

– Box cutters x15

– Leg Levers x15

– American Hammers x29 (feeling nice today)


– 12 PAX , no FNGs today


– Service opportunities will be coming up soon, more to follow. If you have any suggestions, reach out to Selleck.

– Folsom VQ on Thursday @ 6pm

Rollbar closed with the prayer

Thank you for joining me this morning and trying something a little different. I hope you enjoyed the change of pace and I look forward to doing it again soon.

– Boom Boom

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