8/25/2018. The Oracle AO | Boys Town

PAX: 27 – Placebo, Honey Stinger, CSI, Lemon Law, Lowman, Room Service, Reba, Coach K, Hootenanny, TC, Hard Hat (Josh Steele FNG), Cyclone, Biggie Smalls, Gipper, Coyote Ugly, Waffle House (Doug White FNG), The Big One, Tonight Show, Boom Boom, Brazilian, Selleck, Grease Monkey, The Plague, Vandelay, Sweet Tooth, Thunderhead.

Q: No Doze (VQ)

Weather:  68 degrees.  Humid, humid, humid.

No Doze welcomed 24 PAX & 2 FNGs to his VQ.  Mission statement and a thorough disclaimer were given (No Doze, Esq.)  No Doze has four 2.0’s, three of which are triplets – future #HIMs. No-Doze explained that, like the triplets, he wanted the PAX to “stick together.”

We moseyed to the parking lot south of the fieldhouse for Warm-o-Rama:

-SSH (20 IC)

-String Rippers aka Tappy Taps – 15IC

-Cherry Pickers –20IC

-Mountain Climbers –15IC

-Quad stretch – 10 count each leg

-Monkey Humpers -10IC (YHC had planned on 15IC, but we took it easy on the monkey)

-Imperial Walkers -15IC

-Moroccan Nightclub -15IC

-Red Bull Smurf Jacks -20IC.  Mumblechatter in abundance during the demo, execution, and aftermath of this exercise. This will be part of every future No-Doze Q until the PAX does 40IC.

The PAX then took a decent mosey over to the Lake Trail for leg 1 of The THANG.

The THANG: “Triple Trouble”

Part 1 – Max’s Mile – Red Light/Green Light

PAX lined up in 3 groups for an Indian Omaha Run (Green Light).  YHC then called a series of Yellow Lights (Zombie Walk, 5 broad jumps, quick shuffles, power skips, butt kickers) and Red Lights (stop for 20 merkins x 2 sets, plank for the 6). Green Light – back to the run. Several PAX thanked YHC for including a run in the beatdown.  Others asked when we would be returning to the shovel flags.  Others politely declined to comment.  The Omaha Run groups disbanded by the end of the run, but the PAX stuck together.  Mumblechatter took a sharp uptick when the PAX approached the hill on the south side of Boys Town Lake for Part 2.

Part 2 – Jack’s Ladder

Partner 1 runs up the hill and back.  Partner 2 does exercise then swap until done

  1. Modified Happy Jacks – 10 SSH then two jump squats. Repeat.
  2. Chilly Jacks
  3. LBC’s
  4. Seal Jacks – SSH hop w/ arms in front
  5. Plank Jacks

YHC planned two additional “Jacks” (Smurf and the dreaded Crab) but called Omaha due to the distance back to the COT.  Fatigue was not a factor – the PAX was strong on this big hill.

PAX then moseyed back to parking lot for Part 3

Part 3 – Hurry Up Hutch!

YHC spends a lot of time sprinting after his 2.0’s in parking lots. PAX split into three groups and did a parking lot line tracer (backpedal, side shuffle, and sprint forward) the length of the parking lot.  When complete, the PAX moseyed one by one back to the shovel flags for 6MOM.

Brazilian informed me the PAX traveled 2.63 miles between moseys, lake, trail, hills, and tracer.  Aye!

6 MoM:

Dollys – 20 IC

American Hammer (50 IC) – Boom Boom made a special request to lead the PAX.  YHC obliged, but invoked the Q privilege and called Omaha at 50.


Name-o-Rama commenced and we welcomed two FNGs

-Josh Steele aka Hard Hat and Doug White aka Waffle House.

-Announcements: Ponzi may have skipped announcements entirely at the Woodshed, but YHC shows his Q inexperience (or distraction from the searing pain in his hip flexors from 6MoM) by completely forgetting what was announced as he drafts this BB.  I believe Boom Boom said to bring something to Tuesday at Cornhusker Handicap (weights, a back pack).  Sorry Boom and any other announcements which were made.  Hopefully pre-blasts get out the good word.

Close: The passionate sense of the potential

No-Doze shared a favorite quote he clipped out of his hometown newspaper over 20 years ago.

“If I were to wish for anything, I should not wish for wealth and power, but for the passionate sense of the potential; for the eye which, ever young and ardent, sees the possible. Pleasure disappoints, possibility never.” Soren Kierkegaard.  (YHC was waaaay into 19th century Danish existentialism in high school).

My hope for each of us today is that we embrace the passionate sense of potential and possibilities, more than material things.  Passion for moments like F3 workouts, vacations with family, and cuddling your kids.

I challenge each one of you, and myself, to do something uncomfortable this week, or at least something you may be neglecting.  Volunteer to Q a workout, post to a new workout, take your kids out so your wife can relax, plan a real date night, surprise your mom with flowers.

By actively doing these things, I hope you will find passion over comfort, you will be excited about possibilities and potential, you will find joy in moments rather than things.

On a personal note, I loved Q-ing and can’t wait to do it again.




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