8/30/2018, Maize AO – Copperfield Park, 20194 D Street

PAX:  Thunderhead, Specimen, Borland, Hard-Hat, Daniel-San, Bones, Lemon-Law, Crab-Cakes, Wait-Time, Ethanol

Q: Selleck

Weather:  68 Degrees and dark-out-city

Selleck welcomed 11 PAX to the gloom, provided F3 Mission, core principles, disclaimer. To honor National Toasted Marshmallow the Q had a great idea to create a campfire beatdown, but that went by the wayside after limited fart-sacking-sessions-of-late.  Selleck reminded all to modify as needed, but also request “Gimmie S’more” when additional pain was necessary.  The PAX moseyed to the basketball court for warm-town.


  • SSH (15 IC)
  • Windmills (15 IC)


  • Plank Arm Circles – Right arm (15 IC) / Left arm (15 IC)
  • Sumo Squats (15 IC)

The pax moseyed back to the east end of the parking lot.

Angels on Horse-Back (Selleck’s mother-in-law’s reference to s’mores)

  • PAX splits into two groups and is lined up on the opposite side of the parking lot (graham cracker)
  • PAX are in plank position with feet on the curb preparing for Derkins; Group 1 completes 5 derkins while Group 2 holds plank – then it’s switcheroo-county (chocolate)
  • PAX flap-jacks sides of the parking lot by traverse with bear crawl (Toasted marshmellow)

Round 1 completed

PAX hollered to “Gimme S’more.” So, Selleck obliged and PAX completed 4 rounds ramping up to 10, 15 and 20 derkins. Bear crawls were cashed in for lunges, crab-walk and broad jumps.

After a quick 10-count the PAX moved right into RUN DMC’s


PAX jogged (Specimen and Ethanol ran) from point to point around the AO. When Selleck called in the PAX stopped to complete 15 Diamond Merkins (D): after the jog/run, PAX did 15 Merkins (M); after the third jog/run, PAX did 15 Carolina Dry Docks (C) to complete a round. CRAB CAKES said “Gimme S’more!” So, PAX rinsed and Repeated for round two!

W.A.S.H the Thang

PAX ended up at the hill on the south-side of the park to wash off the toasted marshmellow stickiness. The PAX partnered up.

Partner 1  began set of the exercises, while partner 2 ran down the hill and back-pedaled to back to the top.  Exercise reps were achieved with partner cumulatively.

  • Werkins (50)
  • American Hammers (100)
  • SSH(150).
  • Howling Monkey Humpers(200)

Significant howling and scowling was in play by the end of WASH. The PAX moseyed back to the shovel flags. Ethanol and Daniel-San hollered to “Gimme S’more” so a 100 yard dash was involved to finish strong. It was still dark and hard to discern the victor….Ethanol may have had enough fuel to edge out Miagi’s protégé. Regardless, t-claps to both fellas for HIM action at the end of a beatdown!


Super 21’s (well, more like super 7s)

  • 1 big boy sit up (BBSU) followed by 1 pickle pusher (PP) in-cadence (IC)
  • 2 BBSU/ 2 PP (IC); 3 BBSU / 3 PP- IC , etc., etc. ……. up to 21 BBSU/ 21 PP-IC
  • Due to time Selleck called it at 7!!!

Circle of Trust:

  • Wait-Time à Q School to follow 9/1 Oracle AO; key to growth is more Q’s and more AO sites.
  • Wait-Time à Labor Day Monday MURPH kickoff pushed back to 7AM to allow for additional fart-sack-lovin.
  • Selleck à Motivation thoughts of the day. Selleck shared two quotes/reflections that have recently surfaced in his peer group. While these two quotes are from two different circles that share the same sentiment.
    • Wayne Dyer
      • Be miserable, or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice
    • College pal social media post
      • Did you really have a bad day or did you have 10-20 minutes where you let your thoughts run undisciplined which led to a bad vide that you let carry you away? C’mon bro…you run this shit. PAY ATTENTION.
    • Friday, WAIT-TIME gonna take it to the WOODSHED!


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