Weather: 62 and awesome.

Pax: Caruso, Woody, Predator, Polaroid, Bloodshot, Sticky Bandit, E-85, Break Room, Hindsight, Rocket, Stitches, Good Lookin, Hooah, Sandy Cheeks, Snowman, High 5, Animal, Q-Tip

Q: Gunner  

What an amazing morning temperature. Middle of August and low 60s. That probably explains the great turn out this morning.  But we were here for a reason and it wasn’t for the meteor show so – Mission Statement…check. Five Core Principles…check.  Disclamer…check and no FNGs.  So we just got it started  

Warmarama – Phase 1 – Wind mills and Tappy Taps.  Needed to start with some simple and easy bend-over warm ups.  

Warmarama – Phase 2- moseyed over by 67th Street and did some yoga stretches and posing. Nothing too strenuous, just to keep getting loose.  

Warmarama – Completion – Went for increasing the heart rate on this round.

15 IC Imperial Walkers

15 IC Appollo Onos

15 Groiners

15 IC Jump Rope  

The Thang – Was a 10 station circuit course set up around the Spirit World building/sidewalk and parking lot/ garage. The pax paired up and performed the workout in a tandem  

  1. 15 IC STEP UPS (Go to station 2 at the steps)

              (Go to station 3 back at the wall opening)  

  • 10 MULE KICKS & 10 ic Australian MTN Climbers
  • 5 Turkish Get- Ups
  • 10 up and over the wall then Go Up stairs to 2nd floor
  • 20 IC SSH & 20 IC LBCs – Go Up to 4th floor
  • 20 IC plank jacks & 20 Merkins – Go down Stairs to Station 8
  • 20 Dips
  • 20 Air Squats-30 count Wall Sit  -10 IC Bonnie Blairs
  1. 20 Derkins – Back to Station 1

  Omaha @ 6:02am  


25 E2K each leg 2

25 IC ankle touches

20 IC Inverted toe touches

10 Big Boys – No Kipping

Rancid hammer  

Announcements: The Canyon Expansion this Saturday.  

Prayers: For Rocket’s family and Polaroid’s cousin who lost a young baby.  

COT: Being that we label each other High-Impact men, sometimes it is required of us to do hard things.  Hard things that annoy and stress us out. Those hard things and events cannot be shied away from. They are built into our lives.  We have good times because we must deal with Hard Things as well.  Ying and yang.  Equal and opposite.  As difficult as that hard thing may be, and your lack of desire to perform it, remember all the motivating COTs you have heard.  Remember you are High Impact.  Doing hard things comes with that classification.

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