AO:  The Wolfden PAX:  Boji, Supafly, T-Swift, Roadhouse, Schnitzel, Lite Brite, Jump Street, Fine Print, Short Sale, Thor, Long neck, Speed bump, Hei Hei, Stripes, The Plague, Greenhouse, Lil House, FNG Sandworm, Griswold.

QiC:  Griswold 4:45am – Awesome group of pre-runners.  Great mumble chatter and Lil house tried to kill us with the pace. Keep accelerating brother.

5:15am – Introduction, Mission Statement, 5 Core Principles, Credo and Disclaimer.  One FNG today, welcome Sandworm!

We moseyed to the football field, and how couldn’t I?  Really great complex and lots of stuff to do there.

Snake warmup – Started on goalline on West side of field, jogged to the east sideline, once there, shuffled 10 yds to the 10yd line, back peddled to the other side line, shuffled 10yds then jogged and repeated that to the other goalline.  Great warmup IMO.

Pre-Thang – Partner mile.  Paired up one guy runs a lap, other guy does an AMRAP exercise then switches until each pair does 2 laps of running and 2 sessions of AMRAP exercises.  Exercises we did was 2 jump squats, 2 bonnie blairs rinse and repeat.  2nd round was gas pumpers. Thanks A LOT Long neck. 

Thang:  “Meet me halfway”  This is Lil House’s favorite workout, and since he brought us an FNG today, what better way to thank him.  Same pairing, start on middle of track, pairs run in opposite directions to other side of track, then there was four rounds of exercises.  Rinse and repeat until OMAHA is called. Think we ended up with over 2.5 miles of running. 

Really great group today.  T-Swift and Greenhouse have a really great site and a good group going here, T-Claps brothers. We moseyed back to the flags for NoR, prayers & announcements and CoT.

P&A – Brush up project T-claps to Thor this is the 3rd year in a row he’s running this.  Roadhouse at the catamount, Da kine flag pass, Tea party black ops at canyon, Patchy adams station to station.

CoT – This was a quote I’ve had in my notes for awhile, can’t even really recall where I saw it but it resonated with me, so I thought I’d share it today maybe hoping it impacted someone. “Sometimes good things don’t happen to you because you’re the good thing that’s supposed to happen to other people.”  I read it twice to let that sink in.  We’re leaders in our community, we need to have that attitude.  Be the light even when you’re in the dark!

I humbly asked Plague to lead us out in prayer and he delivered as always.

Thanks again for having me out and all the support, was an honor to lead today.

Humbly, Griswold

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