IMG_72205/12/2018, BOYS TOWN AO – Heroes Blvd

Temp: 51 degrees.  Light Drizzle up to Launch

PAX:  Curds, No Doze, Lemon Law, Wait-Time, Bubba Gump, Ethanol, Brazilian, Boom-Boom, Roll-Bar, Bob Ross, Reba & Selleck

Welcome FNGs (1): Joe Wiese (DKNY)

Q: Selleck

Selleck welcomed 13 PAX to the dank gloom. Upon reminding all he was not a professional he produced a wienke of chores; all certain to pay tribute to the mothers’ who put in the time for the PAX back in the glory days.

The PAX moseyed to the Field House concrete frontage for Warma-a-rama.

Flying Sun Gods Sobriety Style aka Nancy Kerrigan’s 20 IC à Sprinkler 10 IC à Windmill 10 IC à SSH 15 IC à Annie 10 IC-ish.


PAX zombie-walked 80 yards from the field house to Heroes Boulevard. Early mumblin’ from the PAX half-way through the ZW set the table for mommy tsunami to lie ahead. The PAX planked til the six was in and then swiftly moseyed.

PAX arrived at east side of the FieldHouse and split into groups of 3 to dole out napkins (15 step-ups), silverware (wall sits) and plates (back plank). The groups cycled through each chore 3x each. With the place setting complete, the PAX mosey to the field to enjoy the s-mothered meat.


PAX moseyed to soccer field area and split into 2 groups.  Each group was asked to clock-in for circuit work.

  • Group 1: Black Jacks (modified to half the workload – 1:9 merkin to LBC ratio) a Start on the sideline of a football field. Perform 1 Merkin – run to other sideline – perform 20 LBCs. Run back and do 2 Merkins. Run back for 19 LBCs. Repeat until you do 20 Merkins and 1 LBC, running between the sidelines. Always adds up to 21 – BLACK JACK!
  • Group 2: Whamo Lunge Walks a One pax throws a frisbee. All pax sprint in that direction until frisbee lands. When it lands, all PAX stop and then lunge-walk until they get to the frisbee. Can be modified with duck walk, crab walk, whatever.

Groups then flapjacked. Upon completion, PAX mumblin’ and bumblin’ about how we’ll have to build in more time and mental preparation for full black jack series. It should be noted No Doze has some damn wheels…but his brakes could use some work. For self-preservation Selleck called for two 10 counts during his group’s game of Whamo Lunge.


PAX then split into four stations and into four groups. All four stations were completed.

  • Station 1 – Mamma drama
    • Sumo Squat (10 count)
    • Thighmaster (6 count each leg)
    • Jump squats (10 count)
    • Alabama Ass kickers (6 count each leg)
  • Station 2 – Bahama Mama
    • AST (shoulder taps – 8 count)
    • Carolina dry dock (8 count)
    • Plank Jacks (12 count)
    • Travoltas (6 count each arm)
  • Station 3 – Mama said there’d be days like this
    • Twerkins – modified – 1Downdog, 2plank, 3pushup = 1 (8 count)
    • 6 burpees (oyo)
    • Parker Peters (8 count)
    • WW II sit ups (8 count)
  • Station 4 – Brother from another mother
    • Partner up – switch down & back (20 yards)
      • Wheel barrow
      • Fireman carry
      • Modifications (Lunges, LT Dans)


Brazilian provided the technology and played Thunderstruck by AC-DC. PAX circled up in plank round the iphone and held plank the entire song. PAX completed 1 merkin every time the word “thunder” is heard. Whatever juice remained got left of the field. The PAX moseyed back to the flags.

6 MOM:

Boat-Canoe, Low Dolly 20 IC (led by Ethanol’s classic cadence), American Hammer (20 IC) (shout out to Roll-Out)

Circle of Trust:

  • Building Leaders.
    • Wait Time – Q School is next Saturday, May 19th – it is also Armed Services Day, so don your patriotic gear and come out to welcome our out-of-town F3 leaders.  Tommy Boy and Houlihan will be flying in from Greensboro to lead the workout and Q school.
    • Coffeteria will be held out at the Boystown AO following the beatdown. Stick around for fellowship and edumacation
  • Mustaches for Kids – Omaha
    • Selleck – M4KOmaha has raised $110K during their first week of the 30 day campaign. This is on pace to surpass $500K to benefit Special Olympics Omaha. To donate to go to Mustaches for Kids and click on donate button.

Now go tell your mother, or any mother, how much you appreciate her…and ask her if she can spare any ibuprofen.




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