15 May 2018  Stinson Park

Dedication: This workout was dedicated to the servicemen who paid the ultimate price for our great country.

  • RIP Ryane Glenn Clark – KIA 4 October 2010 – Age 22


PAX: Boom Boom, Bluegrass, Roll Bar, Dial Up, Brazilian, Crafty, Selleck, Headliner, Curds, Wait Time

VQ: Boom Boom

Welcome and disclaimer

Mosey: After the intro, PAX took a short jog to the Obelisk at the other side of the park


  • Windmill x10

  • Sun Gods x10 front/back

  • Overhead Arm Clap x15

  • Seal clap x10

  • Sumo Squat x10

Mosey: Moved to the stage where the sandbags were waiting in grass that was recently watered


  • Group Bear Crawl with 40 lb Sandbag drag: 2 lines of PAX lined up spacing 10 – 15 feet apart. Person in the back bear crawled to the next person while dragging the bag with them, once they brought the bag to the next person, they bear crawled to the front and waited for the bag to come back to them. From the stage to the concrete (roughly 300ft).

  • Broken Wheelbarrow – One legged Wheelbarrow, 5 merkins (with partner holding your leg) at the start and 5 at the end.

  • Pattycake Merkin x15 IC

  • Fireman carry – PAX carried partner to their destination, set the partner down and sprinted back to the start point, switched position. Planked for the 6th.

  • Squerkin x10 IC (Cadence by Dial Up) – One partner was in merkin position and the other grabbed their legs. One would complete the merkin while the other completed a squat while holding the others feet.

  • Bataan Death March (2 laps) – Indian run where the last person does 5 burpees, runs to the front of the line, tapping the person next person so they can start their burpees. After one lap, we split to 2 groups of 5 to finish it out.


  • Box Cutters x15

  • Hello Dolly x20

  • Flutter Kicks x20 (Cadence by Curds)

  • American Hammer x25 : 1-20 normal speed, 21-25  half speed

Circle of Trust:

  • Name-A-Rama, no FNGs this time


  • Come support Ethanol on Thursday, 17 May in West Omaha @ 5:30am

  • Saturday Q school after the normal workout led by special guests Tommy Boy and Houlihan (F3 Greensboro).  Invite an FNG!

  • Selleck is stepping up to lead our THIRD F activities.  The F3 Third F is Faith.  F3 demonstrates faith through a belief in a power bigger than ourselves and through service.  Selleck voiced his passion for community service and seeks to provide leadership for the PAX.  If anyone has some potential service projects, please contact Selleck.  (T-Claps!)

Prayer led by Roll Bar


Two PAX admitted coming close to throwing up, new goals for next time

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  • Omaha I’m glad to see that you guys are knocking them out hopefully one day I’ll make it back to Nebraska but until then keep it going
    BuzzSaw F3
    AO – Shawshank
    Lexington South Carolina

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