May 10, 2018, WEST O AO, Copperfield Park

PAX: Placebo, Boom Boom, Lemon Law, Selleck, Specimen, Roll Bar and Brazilian.

QIC: Ethanol

Worst Dad card trick of our childhood, “Want to play 52 card pick-up?”  Ethanol taught the PAX that F3 version of 52 card pick-up with the “Deck of Cards” workout.

Boom Boom showed up with his 20lb backpack—he owned it.


5:30à Ethanol delivered the welcome and disclaimer and PAX moseyed to courts for Warm-A-Rama.

  • Abe Vigoda 10 reps, 4 ct, IC
  • Merkins—10 reps, 4 ct, IC
  • Payed homage to the sun with some “Sun Gods” —10 reps, 4 ct, IC

5:40à Mosey to the green space for some nastiness

THANG – “Deck of Cards”

  • Placebo gave his overview of the workout
    • 5 exercises per station, reps and exercise are designated by suit and face value of card.
    • Upon completion, plank to the 6 then mosey to the next station on the other end of the green space.
    • For some reason, it seemed like Placebo was BS’ing…. Felt like every card he turned was a burpee card.
      • Lets just say that Placebo didn’t make any new friends on Thursday
    • Plan was to train as hard as possible, but stay within the time limits
      • We did end up getting through the entire deck… was a smoke session.  My sweat was sweating at the end of this one.

6:07à Mosey back to Shovel Flag(my folder this time around)

6:09à 6 Min of Mary

  • Started out with some Plank Jacks—10 reps, 4 ct, IC
  • Next exercise was the Box Cutter—10 reps, 4 ct, IC
  • Finished up with the ole standard American Hammer… counted out by Boom Boom

6:15 COT

  • Name-A-Rama ran through the name-a-rama…. Botched my first video here…. Took a nice picture, didn’t flip to video mode when I went through it.  I guess I was more worried about how I was going to hold my phone with my arms turned into Jello.
  • Announcements
  • Prayer ended with prayer and thanks to F3 and all that attended.

Aye- Ethanol

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