8/21/2018, Cornhusker Handicap AO – Stinson Park


PAX:  Roll-Bar, Biggie-Smalls, The Plague, Placebo, Brazilian, TC, Walk-On, Dufrense, Folsom, Wait-Time, Ponzi, Bubba Gump

Q: Selleck

Weather:  A brisk 63 Degrees

Selleck welcomed 13 PAX to the gloom, provided F3 Mission, core principles, disclaimer and took a page outta TC’s Q-Book and commenced warmorama at the shovel flags.


  • Sun Gods (10 IC forward, 10 IC backwards)
  • Windmills (10 IC)
  • Crab Cakes (15 IC)
  • Butt Kickers (13 IC)
  • High Knees (13 IC)

The pax moseyed to the stage

Routine0rama – Save the Clock Tower


Entire PAX, with no rest, without leaving plank position.

  • 5 Alternating Shoulder Touches In Cadence (4-count)
  • 5 Tempo Merkins (down on the 1-2-3, up on 4)
  • 5 fast Merkins.
  • Round 1 complete
  • PAX completed 4 rounds

Clock Lunges

  • Entire Pax – 12 count cadence
  • Right leg lunge forward (count 1,2)
  • Right leg lunge side (count 3,4)
  • Right leg lunge back (count 5,6)
  • Left leg lunge forward (count 7,8)
  • Left leg lunge side (count 9,10)
  • Left leg lunge back (count 11, 12)
  • PAX responds 1 – for round 1 complete
  • PAX completed 6-7 rounds

Selleck called it after Wait-Time nearly lunged his way off the stage.

Happy Jacks

Entire PAX à 5 side straddle hops in cadence then after the 5th one everyone does two jump squats. PAX Repeated 5 times, Sellecked ended on 5 as he could no longer maintain breathing and the cadence.

PAX moseyed to middle of the Bradford Bowl and partnered up to work the BACK TO be stronger in THE FUTURE. This consisted of 4 exercises – Lorraine’s, Wheelbarrow, Walk Like an Egyptian, Crazy Indian

Lorraine (Selleck took naming rights) to

  • Partner hamstring curl – One partner held the other’s posterior ankle while lowering chest slowly to the ground and then back up.
  • Each partner completed 10 reps


  • Partners split the work and moved from Lorraines straight to wheel barrow to traverse east.
  • Wheel Barrow race ended at east sidewalk
  • Plank for the six

Walk like an Egyptian

  • PAX completed WLAE to traverse from sidewalk to obelisk
  • Pax line up, single-file about an arm-length apart. In unison, entire Pax lunge forward with their right leg and hold the lunge, while the last Pax jailbreaks to the front of the line.
  • The entire Pax then recover and lunge forward with their left leg and hold the lunge, while the last Pax jailbreaks to the front.
  • Process continued until all Pax have cycled through at least once.

Crazy Indian

All pax found a spot around the obelisk (aka clock tower) and assumed balls to the wall (BTTW) position. First pax at 1 end of line drops down from BTTW and runs around the tower and then got back into BTTW position. Next pax follows and this repeated until all PAX members had their opportunity. SIGNIGICANT MUMBLING!

THANG – FLEX-capacitor Grinder

After a quick 10-count, the PAX split up into groups of three for grinder action.

Station 1

  • Wall Sits
  • Sumo Squats
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Balls to the Wall
  • Al Gore
  • SSH

Station 2

  • Jump Rope
  • Carolina Dry Dock
  • Jump Rope
  • Parker Peters
  • Jump Rope
  • Burpees

Johnny Be Good!

  • PAX moseyed back to shovel flags for an “oldie…i g-guess. Well, it’s an oldie where I come from.” Selleck played Chuck Berry’s JBG.
  • PAX holds plank entire song
  • When PAX hears “Johnny” – complete 1 merkin
  • When PAZ hears “Go” – complete 1 plank jack


  • Low Dolly (15 IC)
  • Ankle Grabbers (15 IC)
  • Cindy Crawford (10 IC each side)
  • American Hammer (30 IC – Bubba Gump action)

Circle of Trust:

  • Woodshed AO – launches Friday (8/24) at Elmwood; let Ponzi know if you want on the Q/VQ schedule
  • Zorinksy Park AO starting up
  • Q’s are need for month of September at all AOs; Wait-Time to organize a Q-school refresher in the coming weeks
  • The Plague took the PAX out with thoughtful pray
  • Selleck told everyone to make like a tree and leaf.


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