PAX: Folsom, Ethanol, Crab Cakes, Penny Pincher, Tonight Show, Andy Shim (FNG: Bones), TC, Dufresne, Roll Bar

QIC: Lemon Law

AO: Copperfield Football

Weather: not too bad, it wasn’t humid, actually slightly cool to begin with. And dark. So dark that YHC had trouble seeing the lay of the land. Luckily, it was Ethanol’s home field, and he knew the routes around the swamp areas.

We welcomed one FNG this morning. Props to Bones for showing up at 5:30 to work out with a bunch of strangers.  And props to Ethanol for promoting F3 on the Nextdoor app.

Mission and disclaimer were given.

PAX moseyed to the far goal post for…


SSH x15 IC

Nancy Kerrigans x10 IC F, switch foot, x10 IC R

Imperial Walkers x12 IC

Squats x20 IC

Merkins x10 IC

PAX then moseyed to the basketball court because we about to do a thing called T-H-A-N-G,


Bruce Lee – so many great things can be said about the man. For 1st F purposes, his abs were pretty awesome. This workout is adapted from the Bruce Lee routine on, and consisted of the following:

American Hammer IC

Leg raises IC (put it on the ground, put it in the air)


Monkey Crunch OYO

Crunchy Frog IC (4-count was changed to 2-count at the behest of the PAX after the 1st set)

Chilcutt Peter Parkers IC

PAX did…oh 3… sets, starting with 20 reps, then 30 and 40. PAX ran to the junction boxes and back between sets.



Freddie Mercurys x10 IC

Hammer 7×7

YHC appreciates all the PAX who helped with the counts this morning. N.B. If you ask Dufresne to count the Hammer, remember that he’s Boom Boom’s friend.


The Woodshed starts tomorrow5:30am, Elmwood Park, by the giant port-a-potty. Warm-a-rama will consist of breathing in deeply, as the stench alone will be enough get the adrenaline going.

YHC closed the morning out with a prayer.


1. As the weather gets slightly cooler, don’t let that fool you into not drinking enough water. Hydrate – slurp slurp.

2. Doing a lot of ab/core work in the morning can easily cause gaseous movement in the GI tract. TC and Ethanol were our Funky DJs this morning. Sounds liked you’ve never heard before.

3. The run to the junction box has nice steep climb right at the end. I’m itchin to incorporate that into future beatdowns.

4. Who is W? What is W? Where is W? Find out at YHC’s next Q.


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