Conditions:  66 degrees and clear

I (Specimen) welcomed 26 of my brothers to The Oracle for a Saturday morning Need for Speed beatdown.  Wait Time, Coop, Cyclone, Gipper, TC, Truss, Tonight Show, Room Service, Selleck, The Plague, Placebo, Sweet Tooth, Ethanol, Ponzi, Thunderhead, Warehouse, Lemon Law, No-Doze, Bedbug, CSI, Coyote Ugly, Reba, Specimen, and 3 FNGs: Yo-Yo Ma (Chris Bultsma), Compost (Ryan Haney), Grease Monkey (Matt Barney) attended.

After the welcome and disclaimer Ponzi showed up late (……… We moseyed north of the shovel flags near the soccer field for one of the longest warm ups ever recorded at F3-Omaha: 6 moves!


Annie (x10 IC each side) This exercise instructs pax on the art of clean floors, be warned some pax may break out in song and dance. Hold plank and rotate one arm in a circular motion while holding plank with the opposite arm. Q makes the call on time or repetitions.

Windmill x10 IC

Nancy   (10 IC each side/Reverse) Flying sun gods sobriety style. Lean torso forward, raise one leg out to

Kerrigans the back, reach arms out to side and do small arm circles. Count in cadence just like sun gods. Forward

on one leg, then switch legs and reverse.

String Rippers x10 IC

Air Squat x10 on the down

SSH x15 IC

Although it was not my first rodeo, I acted like it was when I called Air Squats “In Cadence” and then called “Down”!  We then moseyed to the soccer field to get faster!


Red Barchetta – 100 Yard Dash then 100 SSHs, run back to start point to plank/wait for six;

75 yard dash then 75 mountain climbers, run back to start point to Al Gore/wait for six;

50 yard dash then 50 LBCs, run back to start point to plank/wait for six;

25 yard dash then 25 Merkins, run back to start point to Al Gore/wait for six;

10 yard dash then 10 burpees, run back to start point and plank/wait for six.

Guantanamo – Pax in 2 circles on their backs heels up.   1 pax up and pushes the feet down around the circle. Followed by next pax in line then hit the ground legs up when back to your start position until last man finishes the circle.

Ponzi loses wedding ring to slow the need for speed.  Once everyone regained their breath, we carried on without the ring. (Sorry Ponzi)

Bear Crawl / Crawl Bear (Down and Back 10 yards) x2

Railroad Tracks down soccer field– low plank first person, second hurdles, runs five yards, gets in low plank

Clock Merkins on the berm. (x2 rounds of 5 reps at each location)

Railroad Tracks back – low plank first person, second hurdles, runs five yards, gets in low plank

Everest – Lunge 1 Step and 1 Squat up Hill mosey back down x2

Bernie Sanders – Run backwards up hill mosey back down x2

Mosey back to shovel flags for 6



Flutter Kicks

American Hammer 7×7 – Brilliantly called by TC


Truss VQ on Thursday 8/23 morning at The Maize

The Woodshed AO opens up for beatdowns on Friday 8/24 at Elmwood Park…Ponzi deserves a beatdown at the woodshed after his antics today 😊

No-Doze VQ on Saturday 8/25 morning at The Oracle

F3 is meant to be a way for guys to grow together and get better together.  Let’s encourage one another and embrace the freedom to reach out for help when we’re feeling down. I think we can get to 50 guys on a Saturday if we’re all inviting and EHing guys.

Thank you for the opportunity to get better with you.  Make it a great weekend and see you in the gloom!

– Specimen

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