Swanson School AO | 68 degrees and calm

PAX: Pigpen, Smashmouth, Dexter, Stella, BetaMax, Wentworth, Uhaul, Rosetta, Lansbury, Tugboat, Taser, Woodstock.

Q: Bloodshot

Bloodshot was happy to see familiar and some new faces for his 4 year anniversary Q. After mission statement , 5 core principles, disclaimer and credo, we moseyed a short lap before warmarama.



Tappy Taps x 15

Windmills x 15

Mountain Climbers x 15

We chain ran in a small circle around the basketball court while the leader ran to the center, did 3 burpees, then joined the back of the chain. After completing we were dizzy and ready to start the Thang.

PAX paired up and one partner ran gassers up the hill while their partner performed one AMRAP coupon exercise. PAX moved to the next exercise after the round/each run.

AMRAP with coupon exercises:

Traveling Merkins

Goblet Squats


Kettlebell swing

Big Boys


Shoulder press

Carolina Dry Docks

• rinse and repeat

Omaha was called late and 6MOM was shortened with Rancid style American Hammers. Announcements and prayers were expressed.

COT: I lose a lot of water when I work out. So much that during football two-a-days I suffered major cramps one year. I went to my neighborhood grocery store for a quick meal between practices and had to decide between spaghetti-o’s on the bottom shelf and beef ravioli on the middle. I chose poorly and when I reached down my hamstring cramped. I fell to the floor and fought it-then my quadriceps cramped. Then my other calf muscle cramped. I was fighting on the ground when a lady in her 40s looked down my aisle and walked past. Another lady in her 80s pushed her cart down my aisle and literally pushed right past me. The front cashier came by and gave some comforting words and helped me up and gave me a stool to rest for a bit. He told me about how he remembered two-a-days also.

The clerk did what was right, not what was convenient (walking by for someone else to help). He had integrity to act when no one was watching. Before we closed with a prayer I read a quote from the book we are reading on Thursday mornings.

“Success is uncommon, therefore not to be enjoyed by the common man. I’m looking for uncommon people. “-Tony Dungy

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