Back Blast:  Why so hard?

Date: June 22, 2023

AO: Iditarod

Pax: (15 in total) Rowdy, Da Kine, Boji, Crab Cakes, Bay Side, Picasso, Tonight Show, Yodel, Hemi, Tax Man, High Hat, Bogey, Oscar, T-Swift and Longneck

QIC: Longneck

Conditions: 66 degrees, clear, no wind, 91% humidity. Hot and sticky!

Warm-o-rama: Circled up at flags and did 10 IC SSH, 10 IC Cherry Pickers, 10 IC Big Ones and 10 IC Tappy Taps.

Pre-Thang: Moseyed to the sidewalk just off of Q St by the large hill. Partnered up in to two man groups, one PAX of the group did Monkey Humpers towards Q St while the other PAX Bear Crawled up the hill and gently walked down. Once box PAX did those exercises they switched to AMRAP merkins and Bernie’s up the hill. We did two full rounds of those and then proceed to the track for The Thang.

The Thang: Plan was to separate into even teams and compete doing different exercises across the football field and running laps. 1st team to complete wins…easier on paper than in person. This workout was tough, kicked our butts, made us sweat and IT WAS EPIC AND AWESOME.

We gathered on the north end of the track, numbered in three teams and lined up in the end zone. All PAX of each team started in a plank position, 1st PAX of each team Bear Crawled 10 yards to the first exercise, once that PAX member completed it and started to Bear Crawl to the next exercise station the next PAX member that was planking would go. We continued that until all PAX of the team were in the other end zone planking, then the team ran a lap around the track and then back to a planking position and repeated the process of doing the exercises back down the field (there was an audible called by Longneck and we sprinted from stations instead of Bear Crawling on the second half). Once all PAX of the team were in the end zone planking, they ran another lap and the first team to finish won.

Excersises of the stations were

20 Merkins, 20 Air Squats, 20 IC LBCs, 20 Chuck Norris, 10 Burpees, 20 IC Copperhead Squats, 20 Gas Pumpers, 20 IC Mountain Climbers and 20 IC SSH.

Mary: Gathered up at the flags and PAX took turns picking a core excerise to complete.


Check Slack but Freed to Bleed, Disco AO launch tomorrow, Yogi 2 year Q tomorrow at Yard

Prayers:Continued prayers for Pete and all those left unsaid.

COT: High Expectations and Failure

I never had parents that held me to really any expectations growing up so when I had kids, I knew I always wanted to have them set the bar high and try to do and be the best that they could be in school, sports and everyday life. Just a month or so ago my daughter who is going to be a sophomore made the decision to no longer play basketball (which she has done since the 1st grade) but really struggled to have that conversation with me because she thought I would be mad, disappointed or think she was a failure. That hit me hard that I put so much pressure on my daughter that she actually had anxiety when thinking about having a conversation with me. Thanks to my shieldlocks wisdom and opinions, I sat down with her and had a great conversation, letting her know that regardless of what her choices in life, I would always be there for her. I may not agree with her but she can know that I will always there for support, conversation and love.

Look deep in your family to see what type of expectations you may have set and let those around you know that failure or change is ok.



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