01/02/2019, Paradise Bakery Regency AO – Paradise Island

PAX:  The Plague, Khakis, Low Man, Vandalay, Bubbles, Point Break, Waffle House, Wait Time, Ponzi, Tonight Show

Q: The Plague

Welcomed 10 PAX to a brisk morning on Paradise Island. Wished PAX a Happy New Year, reminded them of our goal to accelerate daily. Plague provided a disclaimer and the mosey begn


PAX moseyed to Dragons Ultra-Lounge (aka parking lot near trail entrance) for warm-a-rama.

  • SSH 20 IC
  • Side Lunges 15 IC
  • Straight Leg Deadlifts 15 IC
  • Burpees 10 OYO

Seaside Mosey

PAX moseyed around Stuart Cove (aka Regency Lake). PAX stopped at gazebo/half-way point to perform a few moves.

  • Air Squats 30 on down
  • Reverse Crunch with Low Dolly 15 IC

PAX continued mosey and stopped at the dock by Fort Montagu (aka dog park) and circled up for a quick thang.

  • Incline Merkins 20 on down
  • Derkins 20 on down
  • Triceps Dips 20 on down

PAX continued mosey toward Parliament Square (aka Regency Park). Stopped at half-way point and did 20 merkins on down. Continued mosey to Parliament Square.

  • Alternating Shoulder Taps 15 IC
  • Jump Ins 15 IC
  • Pull-ups 10 OYO

PAX then moseyed back to Paradise Island for CoT.

Circle of Trust:

  • The Plague briefly discussed the leadership skill of knowing when to redirect efforts to value-added activities.
    • When projects or initiatives take on new direction, leaders must be aware of when to stop doing things that are no longer value-added
    • Example: Plague’s podcast/audio ThirdF recap – this was a tool being used to keep PAX in the loop on ThirdF discussion topics. Now that we’re aligning with F3Nation and going through the QSource, it’s time to wrap up Plague’s podcast and refer PAX to the 43Feet podcast
    • The purpose of this is now changed so it was time to reevaluate best practices for keeping PAX informed and aligned with the F3Nation.
  • Coffeteria/3rdF discussion about Q Source F1: Disruption
    • Matthew 10:34 – “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword”
    • Socratic
      • What do leaders do?
      • What effect does leadership have on the status quo?
      • Is there a common characteristic shared by leaders who leave a legacy?
    • SPUR
      • Leaders influence movement to advantage
      • Because it induces movement, leadership causes Disruption.
      • A great leader’s legacy is built on love.

Next F3 Event –1/3/19 @ 0530 – The Maize AO –with Ethanol

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