AO: Copperfield Park: The Maize  | January 3, 2019

PAX: Ethanol, Wait Time, Hardhat, Tonight Show, The Plague, CSI, Bubbles, Tater Tot, Boreland, Point Break, Roll Bar, KhaSasquash (Squash for short… FNG), Khakis

QIC: Ethanol

Weather: The weather was a bit chilly this morning…the morning kicked off at a comfortable 25 degrees… and little to no wind.

The intro and disclaimer were given…. Once the PAX were briefed, the countdown began.

PAX moseyed around the parking lot and on to the site of the warm-a-rama.

Warm-a-Rama: Hot Potato… don’t let the ball drop.

Karaoke PAX divided into even lines, with roughly 10 feet between each.  On my go, all PAX started to shuffle across the parking lot, while throwing a medicine ball from line to line.  The ball had to keep moving, for 100 yards.  If the ball dropped, there was a 10 burpee penalty enforced on everyone(until it became PAINFULLY clear that it is hard to catch a medicine ball with gloves on) then it was knocked down to 5.

SSH: 20 IC

Side Shuffle: see “karaoke”…… I was scheduled for a vasectomy, but will not be needing it after this round…… BUT IT DIDN’T DROP THE BALL!

Carolina Dry Docks: 20 IC

PAX kicked off the T-H-A-N-G…. RING in the new year OF FIRE… with coupons.

Once we recovered from our Burpees, and coupons were secured, we moved to the thang.  For safety sake, we opted for the short track, since the football field was like a glacier.…  We started out with a little run and moved to our stations…where we started the burn.  At The Maize, we always practice fire safety…. All fires lit were contained by our freshly made ring of bricks.  Same penalties applied for dropped bricks…. However, I think that people started to get the point of not letting things drop.

Stations: ALL 4 Count

  1. Overhead Arm Clap: 25 IC
    • Mosey
  2. Moroccan Night Clubs: 25 IC
    • Mosey
  3. Cherry Pickers: 25 IC
    • Mosey
  4. Windmills: 25 IC
    • Mosey
  5. Jump Lunges: 15 IC
    • Mosey

6MoM:  The coupons were cashed in and the ball came back out… WITH PENALTY FLAGS

Air Squats: 60 seconds of air squats.  Ball moved the whole time… PAX called out a name and tossed the rock.

Al Gore:  60 seconds of air squats.  Ball moved the whole time… PAX called out a name and tossed the tater.  At this point, either the cold froze everyone’s brain and I was the only name that they could remember, or it simply became personal…. As I seemed to be the only one getting thrown at.  And…. They were coming with more force on every throw.

American Hammer—13 IC, with the ball…. Ball was passed to the right on every 4th count.


CoT was completed, along with announcements.

  • Roll Bar wanted to thank everyone for their prayers and support, as Ruby and the family adjust to their newest challenge in life.
  • Keep Thunder Head and his family in your prayers.  Lil Thunder (Corbin) had a procedure done on his back, this week.
  • Khakis updated the PAX on his nephew’s appendectomy.  Surgery went well and his nephew is expected to go home today.
  • Plague and Wait Time reminded the PAX that SAFETY is the highest priority at workouts.  In past few days, a FIA member in South Carolina was struck by a car and killed.  She was running by herself at the time.  As we have more guys running pre-workout, PAX were asked to be thoughtful about safety – consider bright clothes and always assume that cars do not see you.
  • Borland shared that Gobbler from F3Chicago is interested in helping plan a national convergence in Omaha.  Wait Time said he plans to reach out with Crotch Rocket from F3National and ensure that the nation is serious about endorsing a convergence in Omaha.  More details to come.

Ball of man was formed…  Ethanol took us out with a prayer….

Ethanol Out-

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