Golden Spike 9/16/22


Pax: Sister Act, Grillz, Wentworth, Merit Badge, Q Tip (respect), Tom Tom, Doppler, Biff, Waterboy, Slowpitch, Punching Bag, Khakis, Tater Tot, Spacebar, Goldberg, Patton (respect), Chiclets (respect), Oompah!, Z-bo, Chitwood, Ozark(respect), Cosmo, Convoy, Pippin, Kielbasa, TC, Vandelay (respect), Invictus, Scoober, Wait Time, Almost Famous


Q: Almost Famous (VQ), Wait Time


Started with Core principles: 1. Free, 2. Open to all men, 3. Always outside, 4. Led in a rotating fashion, 5. Ends w/ CoT.  Mission: To plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership. Disclaimer: I am not a professional Credo: Leave no man behind; leave no man where you found him.



1. Moseyed to mid-field

2. Tappy taps (IC) – 15

3. Sun Gods (IC) – 10 forward & back

4. Howl at the moon w/ calf stretches (8 count, in cadence) – 3

5. Mountain Climbers (IC) – 15

6. Merkins (Down) – 15


1. Moseyed to each corner, for Qs to explain each station

2. Mosey back to the middle of the field

3. Al Gore while numbering 1 – 4.


1. Northwest corner – Burpee Chain run around the four corners of the field (Push group)

2. Southwest corner – Partner carry sideline to sideline in endzone

3. Southeast corner – Partners: 1. Sprint to 40 yd line starting at back of endzone, jog back, 2. 20 merkins, 30 LBCs (pulse cadence), 25 Jump squats, rinse and repeat

4. Northeast corner – Partners: 1. Bear crawl from sideline to the field goal post, jog back, 2. 20 Carolina Dry Docks, 30 Heels to Heaven, 25 Rosalitas, rinse and repeat.

Post thang:

1. Flutter kicks (IC) – 20

2. Big Boy Situps (Up) – 15. Asked Chiclets to lead big boy situps.  Headamantly insisted on doing box cutters instead.  The pax booed him down.

3. Ozark nicely requested that we do some box cutters, pax allowed it.

4. Freddy Mercuries (IC) – 20

5. American Hammers (IC) – Rancid Style

Name o rama, no FNGs, announcements, prayer requests


– Almost Famous: Why did I come out to F3? Because I was getting to the point in life that I was starting to mess up the small moments.  I wasn’t present, I was too tired, I just wanted to escape.  I realized that my kids deserved a better version of their dad.  My challenge to the pax? Ace the small moments.  Be slightly more present.  Focus less on getting paralyzed in long term planning or big picture thinking.  Focus today on acing every small moment that comes your way today.

– Wait Time: Challenged the pax


Ended in prayer: lifted up Tin Cup, Buns of Steel, Scoober’s family in our prayers for healing

















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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

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