17 Degrees, slight breeze, not the worst we’ve had!

Q: Z-bo

PAX: 13 – Z-bo (Q), Merch, Tuner, Golden Pike, Scoober, Wentworth, Wonderboy, FDIC, Sister Act, Tom Tom, Oompa, Tugboat, Lansbury

0530 – greeted the PAX and went through the regular intro:

Three F’s

· Mission statement – to plant, grow, and serve small men’s workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership

· Core principles – Free, open to all men, always held outdoors, lead in a rotating fashion, ends in a CoT!

· Disclaimer – real risk of injury, all the more relevant today with the passing of our F3 brother, Cardinal. Modify and above all stay safe.

· No FNG’s

PAX took a quick mosey around the track and circled up in the south endzone for a warmerama of SSHs, Tater Taps, Butt Kickers, and Quadricep Stretches.


PAX lined up on the goal line and performed a moving exercise to the 20yd line, sprint to the opposite goal, then light jog back to the start line. We performed 3 rounds of this with the following moving exercises: Lunge Walks, Duck Walks, Bear Crawls.

Pre-Thang – Noodle Makers

PAX circled up in the endzone for a descending workout of merkins and ‘raise-the-roofs’ starting at 10. So going around the circle one HIM would count 10 merkins, the next 10 raise-the-roofs, the next 9 merkins, the next 9 raise-the-roofs, and so on. That last merkin SUCKED.

The Thang – Group Stations

3 stations were set on the field, 1 at centerfield and the other two at each end of the southern endzone forming a triangle. PAX counted off into groups of 3 and were instructed to stay with their group for the duration of the workout.  The same list of 10 exercises was at each cone.  The group would perform exercise #1 at each cone, running in between. When they got back to their starting cone, they would move onto #2, and so on until “Omaha” was called. The exercises on the list were:

  1. Burpees (5)
  2. Air Squats (15)
  3. Big Boys (10)
  4. Carolina Dry Docks (10)
  5. Monkey Humpers (10 IC)
  6. Overhead Claps (20)
  7. Groiners (10)
  8. Alternating Lunges (10 IC)
  9. Gas Pumpers (10 IC)
  10. Mountain Climbers (10 IC)

“Omaha” was called at 6:07, but it was a FAKE Omaha, because we still had to do…


To finish the beatdown, we did a minute long AMRAP of 7 squat-hops/7 merkins. The true Omaha was finally called!


Instead of ending with Hammers like we ALWAYS do, I called on Scoober to give us a different core exercise. I forget the name of his dumb exercise, but it was a reverse table-top extension.



CSAUP coming up on Jan. 28th.  Signup on Twitter or Slack. Donations being collected for Sarpy County Food Bank, and Chernobyl has offered to do 10 pull-ups per item. Bring to any sites beforehand or CSAUP site the day of.

Oscar Mike tomorrow in Ralson/La Vista. Check Twitter or Slack.

Prayer Requests

Tugboat’s friend (dad) single-parenting a daughter who got her first monthly cycle – poor dude!  Also continue praying for F3 Knoxville and Cardinal’s family.


Do you make gratitude a regular practice? You know the ups and downs of life, and you know that it is not always easy to keep faith that things will work out the way you hope they will. This is perhaps even more relevant today in the wake of the sudden loss of Knoxville’s Cardinal. We mourn with and pray for our down-range brothers and at the same time count our blessings that we are here this morning.

The gifts we receive are plentiful, but not always easy to discern; they’re real, even when we can’t see and touch them. Our Creator’s desire is that we would give thanks in all circumstances. I challenge you to spend time every day counting your blessings. As you drive to a beatdown or when you lay down at night. And let your gratitude shine towards others – how different would our relationships, our interactions, even our commutes be if we allowed that gratitude to overflow into other areas of our lives?


Offered up a prayer of thanksgiving for the opportunity to work hard together in the gloom.  Prayed for blessing and strength for Cardinal’s family and friends in F3 Knoxville. Help us to take time to be grateful for the gifts we’ve been given.

Aye! And SYITG!

~ Z-bo

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

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