Date: 02/17/23 | Location: The Farm | Start Time: 5:15 AM | Temp: 4

Title: “Battle Sleds”

PAX: (8)

Q: G String

Pre Runners: Schrute, Razzle Dazzle, Swiper, G String, Busser, and Chernobyl

At 0516, G String welcomed the PAX to the Farm, stating F3 stands for fitness, followship, and faith.  PAX were still stabbing flags in the snow piles and grabbing sleds, so this was a little scrambled from the get-go. One could tell that today’s beating was going to be just downright silly. He covered 5 core principles – it’s free, open to all men, always outside, it’s held in a rotating fashion, and it ends in a circle of trust.  He told them that we leave no man behind and no man where we found them.  He thought he covered everything but then Busser was quick to point out that we had a mission statement… duh. G String stated the Mission Statement to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership then He did not disclaim to the group that he is not a professional, but is anyone really a professional sledder? Maybe Bobsled.

We reached for the sleds and realized we ought to warm up. Some arm circles took place, a handful of big ones… okay grab the sleds and let’s get to the fun. 

The Thang:

Moseyed up Main Street and stopped at the long step at the main intersection. Performed 11’s across the street (1/10, 9/2, 8/3… you get it).

The guys started getting fancy with the sled pushes, almost as if it was a performance or X Games. We did this until we got to about 9/2 and continued on our quest to find some fresh powder. About 3/4 of a mile up the road due East, the PAX gathered at the base of the “best hill in Springfield” near the church, per Ferdinand.  This mini group grinder included Snow Devils (snow angel with a V up) for 5 reps at bottom of hill then a run up the hill to sled back down, repeating this 11 times. The small round sleds stood no chance to the forces of these men, so we switched to a trade-off method after one broke and Chernobyl made it maybe halfway down.  This exercise turned into quite the game as Chernobyl and Swiper began aiming towards one another which we all began participating in once given the opportunity. If the sledder nailed the Snow Devil, he announced an exercise which all performed for 11 reps. There were a crotchful of ‘bullseyes’.  Exercises included burpees, partner derkins, groiner merkins, mountain climbers, and frozen freddies. We might’ve lost count of the number of times we went up and down the hill due to the Mumblechatter so we just watched the clock.

At about 5:48, G String announced Omaha and the PAX moseyed back to the flags, which was about a 1 mile distance. Some sleds had ropes and therefore, why not pull one another back? Some PAX partook in this while switching roles, others just jogged it out sled in hand. Once back to the flags, the group performed sloppy Sarpy slammers (threw snowballs while counting and it got messy).  G String took one to the face upon completion.

Name-o-Rama (see above list of PAX)

FNG’s: None

Announcements:  Freed to Bleed blood drive today.

Prayers/Intentions:  Hu Hot’s golfing endeavor. Stomach bug going around. Job struggles with annual reviews. Kickstand’s travels overseas later today (safe travels). Ellenberger family. Papio South Show Choir as they wrap up their season.


Switching to the first person… 2011 was a big year for me personally. I had graduated from college, ended a crappy relationship, and decided to take a chance and move away for work. My whole life I was kind of a homebody and never really strayed too far away, remaining comfortable in my ways. I passed many opportunities to travel for internships throughout college because I had always found an excuse to not go. I described to the group that the decision for me to move away and take the chance was the best thing that could’ve happened to me. I tested my courage, my confidence, my relationships, and experienced so many great things. I then brought out a children’s book and summarized it for the men. (The book was brought to Black Sheep Coffee for everyone to flip through).  It’s “Johnathon James and the What If Monster”. Simply put, little Johnny struggles with assuming all bad things happen with the opportunities that he’s presented. What if I get hurt climbing the tree. What if they laugh at me. What if I don’t like the food. What if she doesn’t like me. He comes around and realizes the potential opposite outcomes, silencing the What If Monster inside him. What if they think I’m really cool. What if I try the food and he love it. What if I meet my best friend. I encouraged the PAX to take risks, jump at opportunities, and don’t hold back because “What If” it could change their life for the better.

G String prayed us out and all 8 men present gathered again for coffee at Black Sheep.


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