The Pit 2-18-23: Preparation is key
QIC: Shingles
8 PAX in attendance: Korver, KOA, Baby Shark, Knobs, Busser, Double Dip, Chernobyl, and Sundance.

Pre Runners: ICB, KOA, Busser, Firewalker, Trench, and Jean Claude.

Pre-Murph: Schrute, Low Flow, Farva, Razzle Dazzle

Pre-Pull-Ups: Chernobyl

Well, it started out like any other Saturday morning at the Pit. Pax were greeted at 6am, 5 core principles were discussed, mission and creedo stated, and finally the disclaimer. No FNGs present, so we began to mosey over to the baseball fields. Based on scouting out area earlier, I knew the parking area there was relatively clear of snow and ice.

Once we were in location, we began with the following exercises, each in a 25 rep count:
Cherry Pickers
Mountain Climbers
Plank Jacks
Overhead Claps
Scissor Kicks
American Hammers
Alternating Shoulder Taps
Bobby Hurleys
and Finally some Side Straddle Hops.

We then proceeded to mosey to a light pole approximately 100 yards away, and then did a round two of same exercises.
After another mosey to the light pole, we found some bleachers for two rounds of 25 for the dips, derkins and step-ups. Moved back to clear area of parking lot and proceeded to do 5 sets of 5 burpees. Another mosey to light pole and it was time for some extended mary.

25 Frozen Freddies
25 Bicycles
25 Scissor Kicks
25 Big Boys

and then 25 Oh Yeahs that ended with a Saturday Nite Blast off.

Mosey’d back to shovel flags and did Name A Rama, Announcements and Prayer Rqsts.

Announcements: Kudos for blood drive and Gradoville fund raising efforts. Sundance has VQ at Titan Alley coming up. Lots of PAX doing PRC and 75 Hard.

Prayers: Fredrick family: Mom in home hospice
Gervai family in Wahoo, youngest 2.0 diagnosed with health issue, Korver’s family with recent loss of nephew, Yogi and Rowdy’s family with loss of sister. Safe travels for winter sport participants.

COT: My COT today was all about not just getting mentally prepared for certain qs or workouts, but also looking forward to preparing for them physically. I have a goal to do the 1776 beatdown in July, and I want to be better prepared for it than I was last year. That means I have to start working towards that goal, even at points where Im not actually at a beatdown. Dont be afraid to put some time in to prepare physically, not just mentally. – Shingles

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