Tuesday, August 1st | The Helix | Hillsborough Park (138th/Meredith) | Always Persevere…Never Give Up! | 70 degrees and comfortable – heavy morning dew.

PAX (50): Busser, Long Neck, Arm Bar, Bubbles, Truly, Cheap Seats, Bouncer, Escobar, Schnitzel, Chowda, Khakis, Boji, Al Boreland, Back Country, Samples, Toto, Patton, Wentworth, Laser Jet, Slow Clap, Clutch, Tater Tot, TC, Grip N Rip, Janokowski, Pantyhose, Retweet, Dexter, Cannon, Walk About, Barn Door, Swiper, Barbwire, The Plague, Blades of Glory, KOA, Pit Stop, Pit Stop, Skidz, Rowdy, Dirt King, Pig Pen, Mulligan, Slap Shot, Bay Side, Grillz, Chucky, Birdman, LPC, Cradle, Specimen, Kill Switch, Sparty, Motorboat

QIC: Motorboat, Pantyhose, & Truly

Welcomed the PAX to F3 – Fitness, Fellowship and Faith – Reminded PAX of the mission statement:

Plant, Serve, and Grow small men’s workout groups for the reinvigoration of male community

Covered the 5 core principles of F3.
1) Open to ALL men.
2) Free of charge.
3) Always held outdoors (always).
4) Lead in a rotating fashion.
5) End with a Circle of Trust (COT).

Breezed through the Credo: Leave no man behind but leave no man where you found him.

Finished with the disclaimer that I am not a professional and to modify as needed.
Let’s go… 5:32AM…


Started with a mosey from the flags up the hill to the nicely paved staff parking lot at Fullerton Elementary School directly North from the AO. As you are likely (or perhap not) aware The Helix is affectionately known as “The House That Pantyhose Built.” When we started the planning efforts for the flag pass beatdown PH and Truly were both kind enough to volunteer to lead. We decided to start with PH first on the Warm-o-Rama… Instructed the PAX to circle up for WoR:
5 Burpees
15 SSH
Repeated those two exercises 4-5 times…


Truly took the next portion, the Pre-thang, so per his direction we moseyed back around the school towards the bleachers. In the group text thread between the three of us Truly had thrown out the idea of crowd surfing… Apparently it was a life long dream of his, ever since growing up on the farm in Petersburg, NE, to be passed around like an 80s rock star at a Metallica concert. Well buddy, today is your lucky day, we have 50 strong and capable men, ready and willing to make your dream become reality. Truly sprang up to the top of the bleachers behind the baseball field at the park and gave the PAX a quick rundown of what was going to happen next. I also found out that the “Bridge of Hate” is an F3 work out where basically a line forms and PAX are crowd surfed through the line until everyone has completed a turn. We were not that intentional – this was meant to be fun – and make Truly smile, we accomplished both goals. A few other men joined in on the reindeer games. I know for certain I saw Swiper up there at one point, maybe Barn Door? I am not sure but there was 6 or so guys brave or trusting enough to free fall off the bleachers into the crowd.

The Thang

I was up next as the QIC – Led the PAX out to the baseball field for next series of exercises. Unfortunately the field conditions were playable but not ideal. The grass was extremely wet and I fully anticipated some shit talking from the guys for wet socks, shoes, not wanting to lay down, etc… In general the guys were in an agreeable mood (even Chucky if you can believe that) and we formed a giant circle to count off into groups of 5. Per usual there was a couple bumps in the counting but we made it through the hardest part of the workout relatively unscathed. Groups 1, 2, 3, & 4 were exercise stations identified by lanterns in the outfield. Group 5 was the push group who would be running from the right field foul pole around home base and out to the left field foul pole to push the first station. The classic 4-station ground grinder…Oldie but goodie – especially with a large size group.

Station #1

20 – Merkins

20 – Air Squats

10 – SSH

Station #2

10 – Burpees

20 – T-Merkins

10 – Groiners

Station #3

20 – Alt Shoulder Taps

15 – Side-to-Side Squat Jumps

15 – Mountain Climbers

Station #4

15 Flutter Kicks

15 Big Boys

15 Gas Pumpers

OMAHA @ 6:00 on the dot and quick mosey over to the flags.

Mary: American Hammers IC Rancid Style. Finished on 50…

Name-A-Rama: 50 PAX

Announcements: Early save the date for IMPACT Retreat, 3rd F opportunity to paint an underserved families house (Thor is the QIC),
Prayer Requests: Chowda’s cousin Junie, Truly’s co-workers wife, Simmons & Mortar, Mulligan’s son Xavier, all the students coming back to school (and teachers), Watch the roads and give drivers grace.

COT: Truly went and grabbed the Helix Flag and then said some kind words about our history together and when he realized he was going to pass the flag to Motorboat. It was a very nice and humbling gesture but I really wanted today to be about him. Truly was one of those guys when I first met him that I wondered what type of performance enhancing drugs he must be on…. He’s built like a college football player in his 40s, runs 8+ miles without blinking, has the best Burpee in F3 Omaha, posts all the time, and the list goes on…

So I want to take a moment to celebrate and recognize this exceptional individual who has been an incredible leader for all of us. Truly embodies the true essence of passion, leadership, and positivity in every aspect of his presence within F3. With unlimited energy and always a positive attitude, Truly has been the driving force behind The Helix’s growth and success. His dedication to helping each one of us become better versions of ourselves has been inspiring. But it’s not just his leadership that sets him apart; he has an incredible talent for lifting spirits and creating a fun atmosphere filled with laughter. Whether it’s through his witty comments or light-hearted mumblechatter during workouts, it turns the hardest beatdowns or worst weather into a fun and memorable experience. Whenever someone feels down or faces difficulties, Truly is there with a smile, offering words of encouragement and motivation. He embraces challenges with enthusiasm and determination, showing us the true meaning of Accelerating. We are ‘truly’ fortunate to have such a remarkable leader in F3 Omaha. His dedication and passion has made our F3 Omaha an extraordinary place to be.

To Truly: thank you for being a source of inspiration, and a joy to be around. Your presence has made all the difference, and we are grateful for everything you do. Here’s to you buddy.

Pantyhose took us out in prayer.


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