The Pit 7/29/23, 6:00 AM, 76 Degrees : BAD GOLF

PAX: 10 Total: Chernobyl, Busser, Woodstock, Uncle Jesse, Yugo, Gipper, Beans, Longboard, Razzle Dazzle

QIC: Duracell

Warmarma: Mosey about 250 years to a parking lot: 10 side straddle hops, 10 sun gods, 10 reverse sun gods, 10 tappy taps,  10 big ones, 10 Oh Yeah + Foot Touch at top. Mosey about another 200 yards to a major intersection for Creepy Corner.

Creepy Corner: The PAX gathered at the corner of an intersection of the major road & performed: 20 Monkey Humpers, 10 Oh Yeahs, & 5 Burpees.  We were EH’ing by example & just maybe creeping some people out. 

Merry Go Round: We moved to a merry go round for chest work & split into 2 groups. The waiting group performed Bonnie Blairs while the merkin group put their feet on the merry go round, performed a merkin, stepped their hands to the right & completed 20 reps.  Switched groups & repeated with each group also going left, while the waiting group performed Bonnie Blairs.  We finished our chest work with some Elavator Merkins: A static merkin, holding either top, middle or bottom floor based on the Q’s call. 

The Trees: We used large trees as a wall & performed an extended balls to the wall, started with holding balls to the wall + 5 shoulder presses.  Then walked our hands out to a 45 degree angle & held, followed by 5 merkins.  Finally, walked our hands out to roughly parallel & 5 more merkins.  Time to mosey back to the flags for some BAD GOLF. 

BAD GOLF: A target was placed about 70 years from the launching zone.  One PAX started at the target to step off the steps between the ball & the target after the shot. We lined up & took turns shooting.  PAX waiting in line performed an AMRAP exercise while waiting.  After the shot, the PAX at the target counted the steps between the ball & target – this was the number of punishment exercises that the PAX who hit the ball had to lead – because it’s all his fault.  Punishment exercises were harder.  
Waiting Exercises: Bonnie Blairs with Hands in the Air, High Knees, Big Boys, Mountain Climbers, Bobby Hurleys,  Hold Low Squat, Hold Boat Pose, Jump Squats, Plank Jacks.  Penalty Exercises led by the bad golfer: Diamond Merkins, Oh Yeah + Touch Foot, Burpees, Carolina Dry Docks, T-Merkins, Kracken Burpees, Plyo Merkins, Chuck Norris Merkins, Moutain Climber Burpees.

Highlights of the morning were: 1) The return of Gipper’s sharp shooting. Gipper participated in Bad Golf last year & had the best shots. After a rocky first swing, Gipper again threw a dart & was less than 2 steps from the target.  2) Beans showed off his power. While he was online, Beans managed to launch a moon shot 38 steps beyond the target.  We were lucky to find that one, but he announced his presence with authority!

COT: The COT was based on a quote from an Omaha Wrestling Coach who recently earned the honor of being a US Wrestling Coach.  Coach Dominguez was quoted as telling his wrestlers: Discipline Solves All Problems.  We talked about our own you vs. you problems & how he’s probably right – discipline solves the problems of: not enough exercise, bad nutrition, substance abuse, attitude.  We thing Coach Dominguez is right & DISCIPLINE DOES SOLVE ALL PROBLEMS.



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