7/11/2023 – Catamount Complex – Invictus Q

PAX: Farva, Low Flow, Razzle Dazzle, Yugo, Wolverine, Oompa, Canadian Bacon.

QIC: Invictus

0500 – Pre Run – Low Flow, Invictus.
0500 – Smurph – Farva, Yugo, Razzle Dazzle.

0530 – QIC kicked off the morning with the description of F3 – Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith.
       Five Core Principles – Free, Open to ALL Men, Always Outside, Lead in a rotating fashion, and Ends in a Circle of Trust.
       Credo – Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you found him.
       The Mission of F3 is to Plant, Grow, and Serve small workouts groups for the reinvigoration of male community leadership.
       There were no FNG’s present, nonetheless, QIC noted he was not a fitness professional so the PAX should modify the workout as needed.

Warm-o-rama – Parking Lot

15 Imperial Walkers IC
10 Big Ones

0535 Pre Thang: Dynamic ATM’s – mosey to bottom of the hill between the upper and lower parking lots.

17 Alt Shoulder Taps – run up hill then back down.
17 Tempo Merkins – run up hill then back down.
17 Merkins – run up hill then back down.

The site Q appreciated this number of exercises #IYKYK

Omaha – mosey to the field.

0545 – Build Your Own Anvil

YHC asked everyone to look at the workout sheet for the rest of the beatdown and some were suprised to only see 1 exercise written down. Then, I let them know that we would be building this beatdown as we went, so we were to choose wisely however that benefitted oneself. The exercises were chosen by the respective PAX as listed. After adding each succeeding exercise, we would mosey to the 50 yd line and back. The last 3 sets were down to the opposite goal line and back.

5 Burpees – YHC
10 Gas Pumpers – Canadian Bacon
15 Side Straddle Hops – Razzle Dazzle
20 Merkins – Yugo
25 Monkey Humpers – Oompa
30 Cherry Pickers – Wolverine
35 Farva Beans – Farva

This ended up being a descending Anvil as I ended up asking for the next exercise as soon as we would get back to the goal line. We continued this trend for the rest of the morning.

Omaha was called at 0605. Mosey back to the flags.

MARY: 1 rounds of Slammers.


Annoucements/Prayers: Clydesdales promo from Oompa

Dux Esto awards went to Canadian Bacon and Oompa for making the trip down for the first time.

COT: I brought back part of a COT that did not make it into a backblast since it was for a Murph. Today’s beatdown was created by the choices we made while on the field. This routine was inspired by one of my dad’s late friends, Bill Robinson, who would give leadership seminars at the banking school he and my dad would teach at together. His famous quote from his speeches was “Leadership is a Choice!”. Bill would repeat this line multiple times to let it sink into the minds of those people listening and he did it with such conviction that you could not help but listen to the rest of his talks. I don’t remember much else from his speeches, but this line resounded throughout the years as I gew up from there. It also reminded me of the motto of the Catamount Complex which is “Dux Esto” / “Be a Leader”. This motto commissions us to make a choice not just on leadership but also how we choose to live our lives and conduct ourselves. Simple but important. I encouraged the PAX to take Bill’s lesson and apply it to their daily lives.

YHC concluded the morning with prayer.

Aye! – Invictus

Coffee was at Cubby’s: YHC, Oompa, Canadian Bacon.

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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