Friday July 21, 2023, 0530 hrs sharp we started. It was 70° light breeze.

The workout started with the F3 mission statement — The mission of F3 is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

5 core principles
1. Free of charge
2. Open to all men
3. Always held outdoors
4. Led in a rotating fashion
5. And ends in a circle of trust. Credo: “Leave no man behind, but leave no man where we found him.”

Safety disclaimer, Q is not a professional, modify as necessary for there is a real risk of injury.

PAX in attendance:
Amadeus, Asian Zing, Caruso, Woodstock, Mako, Parsecs, BetaMax, SwitchFoot, BobSled, Chuck (FNG Clutch), Polaroid, Irish Car Bomb (QIC)

From the flag we rifle carried our coupons to the volleyball courts about a block away. QIC started the music and Warm-a-rama was started. 10 Sun gods forward and back, 15 Cherry pickers, 10 Chinooks forward and backward.

Now that our arms and shoulders were warm for Volleyball we started to warm our legs. We did 30 deep jump air squats. QIC told the group we needed our legs ready for some spiking of the volleyball.

Next for a mini pre thing we ruined another song. This time KISS’ Calling Dr Love. While holding a plank on your coupon in the sand the group had to do pickle pushers on every love or Dr love lyric. About a 3.5 min plank hold plus 40 pickle pushers.

Next we moved right to a perfect 6 x 6 sand volleyball game. There were lots of laughs and chatter. After about 10 minutes QIC had half the teams switch for new teams. There was also a burpee sand penalty for every side out. By the end everyone was sticky and sandy and had sand in places it shouldn’t be. At 0612 Omaha was called and the group returned to the shovel flags.

Chuck (respect) our FNG was named Clutch for his incredible volleyball skills and his clutch plays.

Upcoming shovel flag pass to Caruso and Woody
Shoe donation at pit this Saturday
Pickleball tonight The Grove Park hosted by Doppler

Prayers for Switchfoot’s mother in law funeral which was today Unsaid prayers.

QIC Prayed us out after a quick COT about keeping open communication with those most important to you in your life. Which worked out perfect because there was lots of chatter on the courts about communicating who was going after the ball or setting it or spiking it.

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