AO – Rabbit Hole

Q – Ketchup – Mufasa

PAX – Touche, Lansbury, Doppler, Wentworth, Irish Car Bomb, Slow Pitch, Frosty

The Q promptly called a start to the morning at 70 AM, introduced himself and the pretty kitty Mufasa and explained we were going to split things in half today.  Ketchup took the beatdown portion and Mufasa took the game portion…with one exception…Mufasa was going to lead out with his signature 50 burpee start.  He then when on to explain – with burpee breaks at various points – that F3 stands for Fitness, Fellowship and Faith.  F3 exists to plant serve and grow small work out groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.  F3 has five core principles – we are open to all men, we are free of charge, we always meet outside, we are led in a rotating fashion and we always end in a circle of trust.  It was also at this point the Q mentioned that here at F3 we never leave a man behind but we will never leave a man where we found him.  Q asked if there were any FNG’s…where there weren’t…and stated the disclaimer.  At the end of it…we were done with 55 burpees….which is a point of contention amongst the Q’s but Mufasa sucks at math so he was wrong and I was right. 

Following the intro we stayed put and did Warmarama as it was super important that we got limber and stretched out before we did anything strenuous. 


We circled up for Warm-a-Rama where we completed the following:

  • Tappy Taps – 10 IC
  • Michael Phelps – 10 IC
  • Imperial Walker – 10 IC

Following warm-a-rama we counted off into groups of three. 


3 team grinder

1’s stay at South Station.  2’s go to North Station.  3’s waited for a minute and then ran to the north to relieve the south. 

Exercises were as follows:

South Station

Tempo Squats – Ass to Heels

Dry Docks – Forehead to Turf

Bonnie Blairs – Knee to Turf

Heel Touches – Shoulders off the Ground

Mountain Climbers – Knee to Chest

North Station

Monkey Humpers – Ass to Heels

Tempo Merkins  – Chest to Turf

Bobby Hurleys –

Windshield Wipers –

Groiners –

At 730 the First Omaha was called and we joined back up for the game: MUFASA BALL


For those of you that are reading this trying to recreate the game all I can tell you is that the point was to score a goal into two batting nets that were set up about 30 yards apart using a ball about the size of a cantaloupe that you threw with your hands.  No feet allowed.  There is not a sideline and no out of bounds.  There were so many rule changes throughout the game that I lost track but ultimately we landed on if you get tagged you have to stop and pass.  If you score you did 5 cherry pickers and if you got score on…you did 10.  There were iterations we messed around with that involved merkins and squats but that messed up cardio pump so the cherry pickers was a nice change. 

Suggestions…set up ahead of time…PAX like to complain it took to long and that we were lolly gagging while they were doing merkins.  Second…don’t go all Gaylord Focker when trying to score a goal and throw it at Irish Car Bombs Face immediately feeling shame and regret.  And when making a diving play to score a goal, avoid hitting your knee cap on the metal frame of the batting net…it moves to a place where it isn’t supposed to.  Finally…if someone does get hurt…sure as shit don’t rely on Doppler to make sure you are okay as he will first secure the ball and exploit the distraction and compassion of others to run down the field and try and score…no man left behind my ass. 

At 755 we called final Omaha and headed back to the flags for Mary…which was delayed as Doppler decided to go test out the ice…which unfortunately was thick enough for him to not fall through. 


For Mary we 1 big boy.    


Prayers and Announcements

ICB’s relative who is in hospice


For the COT Q shared that as we are coming to the end of the year and traditions and what you thought it was going to be is necessarily what is has to be.  Enjoy what you have now vs. what you wished it would be. 

Ketchup took us out in prayer. 

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