2/25 Dragon’s Lair Backblast

Theme: Butterfly Effect

QIC: Peg Leg

PAX: Speed Square, Bayside, Tardy, Tonight Show, Crab Cakes, Mr. Miyagi, Yodel, Unicycle, Mufasa, Peg Leg

At 6:00 sharp, I welcomed the PAX to the Dragon’s Lair and recited:

– 5 Core Principles

– Mission

– Motto

We then stayed in the parking lot for WarmoRama which consisted of:

– 13 Tappy Taps

– 6 Big Ones

– 13 (IC) Micheal Phelps 

– 13 Merkins

We then started a string of pearls towards Gretna Elementary School:

– First stop was focused on upper body and consisted of 3 exercises all at 13 reps (Sun Gods (f/b), Carolina Dry Docks, Raise the Roof)

– Second stop was focused on lower body and consisted of 3 exercises all at 13 reps (Sumo Squats, Alt. Lunges, Johnny Bravos)

– Third stop was focused on core and consisted of 3 exercises at all 13 reps (Heels to heaven, LBCs, Box Cutters)

The PAX then continued on to the playground at Gretna Elementary for a modified Murph.  Modifications included:

– Burpees instead of running

– Half the number of reps of a regular Murph

– We completed 6 rounds due to time

The PAX then started the journey back to the Dragon’s Lair on the way back, we completed the same stops and areas of focus that we did on the way to Gretna elementary.  Exercises were lead in a rotating fashion and varied at the leads choice.

Back at the parking lot, Mufasa lead the group in Mary and shared physical details of the men in the PAX.  We then ended with American Hammers.

Prays & Announcements:

– Football at Dragon’s Lair next week

– Halfway house at The Dune tomorrow (2/26)

– Prayers for Flinstone as he recovers from surgery

– Reminder to support all of the upcoming VQs

COT:  I shared some reflections on the Butterfly effect both definitionally, as well as examples both good and bad (WW1, discovery of penicillin).  We chatted about the options we have in life and to remember that no act is too small to have a large positive impact on those around you!

We ended in prayer.

Thank you for letting me lead!

 – Peg Leg

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