December 24, 2022 – The Pit – Christmas Eve Ruck Beatdown Combo

PAX (17): Amadeus (Q), Chernobyl (Q), ICB, Double Dip, Busser, Qtip, Boss Hog, Fun Dip, Kick Stand, Schrute, Shingles, Bobsled, Ditty, Lemu, Wilson, Duracell, Swiper

6:00 Opening (~ 5 min)

Chernobyl & Amadeus introduced the PAX to our Ruck Beatdown Christmas Edition. We switched off delivering core principles, mission statements, and Creedo. We did not do a Warm-O-Rama and got right down to business.

6:05​Thang – Ruck Beatdown (~70 min)

We started on our 2.75 mile ruck beatdown. Roughly every ¼ mile we would stop for 12 days of Christmas, with exercises increasing cumulatively, similar to the song. Some PAX chose to bring a coupon to ruck with for an extra level of suck.

– Day 1 (core): 6 Snow Angel V-Ups IC (Low Dolly to a V-Up)

– Day 2 (leg): 6 Glute Bridges IC (or in our case we switched it up to Oh-Yeahs and got some very welcomed dirty looks from the cars passing by).

– Day 3 (arm): 6 Side to Side Merkins IC

– Day 4 (core): 6 Penguins IC (Side to Side Heel Touches)

– Day 5 (leg): 6 Sissy Squats IC

– Day 6 (arm): 6 Inch Worms IC

o Coupon – 6 Curls/Press/Extension Combos

– Day 7 (combo): 6 Russian Nutcrackers IC (crabwalk position, move into a dip with your elbows while raising one leg in the air like a Rockett, repeat for other leg to complete one complete rep)

– Day 8 (leg): 6 Johnny Dramas IC

– Day 9 (combo): 6 Burpees

o Coupon – 6 Blockees

– Day 10 (core): 6 American Hammers IC

o Coupon – 6 Coupon Hammers IC

– Day 11 (leg): 12 Copperhead Squats IC

o Coupon – 12 Coupon Swings

– Day 12 (arm): 24 Maverick Merkins (as one big group)

7:15ish​Mary’s (~1 min)

When we returned we completed Sarpy Slammers, Rancid style as usual.

7:16ish Name-O-Rama/Annoucements/Prayers/COT

Both Chernobyl & Amadeus shared their COT.Amadeus shared his story about the 9 ladies dancing while Chernobyl shared his story about the purpose of the little drummer boy.

Be HIMs out there and follow the template God has set for you to do amazing things. Merry Christmas everyone.

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