December 27,2022 The Sanitarium
PLHS. Q-Chiclets

5:30 Opening

F3 Mission Statement-5 Core Principles- Credo
Disclaimer: “I am not a professional”

Short Mosey to East Parking lot

Tatter Taps/Big Ones/ Abe Vigodas/ Sun Gids(F/R)/ Cherry Pickers


Approached The Great Wall-
:Ascdending Testicles- 10 degree incline X 10 Derkins
– 45 degree incline X 10 Derkins
– BTTW 100% incline X 5 Derkins
Australian Mountain Climbers X10 IC
Groomers with BTTW X10

Wall sit 30 count
Left leg elevated wall sit 30 count
Right leg elevated wall sit 30 count
Monkey Humpers X20

MOSEY to track and pair up for 2 man grinder

Partner 1 sprint hill to to and complete 15 merkins . Return to bottom- sprint 2nd time to top and complete 10 monkey humpers. Return to relieve Partner 2 who was completing exercises below. Switch. Partner 1 then continues exercises noted AMRAP

Mountain climbers
Big Boys
Mahktar N’ Diayes
Alt Shoulder Taps
Frozen Freddy’s
Plank Jacks
Carolina DD’s

Omaha called 6:03. Mosey back to flags for 6 MOM
BOX Cutters/Heels to Heaven/ LBC’s/ Double Dip lead VW’s

Prayers and Announcements.

COT- Strength and Endurance. Both needed for acceleration in physical and spiritual/emotional being. One Word for New Years Resolution!

Chiclets ended in Prayer.

FNG’s :0

PAX: Double Dip, Doser, Beans, Kickstand/Fun Dip, Busser, Boss Hog, Rooney , Vandelay, Squeaky Clean and YHC- Chiclets

Coffeteria at Starbucks 84th

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