AO – The Battlefield December 29, 2022
32 degrees! No noticeable wind!
Q: Stella

14 PAX: Smash Mouth, Black Lung, Goose, Samples (respect!), Vanilla Ice, Safe Ride, Tenderfoot, Cross
Check, Rosetta, Tuner, Canadian Bacon (respect, respect!), Q-Tip (respect, respect!), Tom Tom, Stella.

5:30 AM: YHC reviewed the mission statement and welcomed PAX. Disclaimer given. No FNGs present
today, although we had a down range present, Goose, who is Sample’s 2.0. His first (and only) post prior
to today was somewhere in the Carolina’s where it was warm. We started off by doing a ¾ lap around
the track and met in the middle for Warm-A-Rama.

Warm-A-Rama: SSH, Tappy Taps, Big Ones, Imperial Walkers, Dirty Dogs, Down stretch.

Pre-Thang: We stayed in the circle and did two rounds of BMWs (Bobbie Hurleys, Monkey Humpers and
Werkins, for 15 reps, then 10).

Thang: For the Thang, we partnered up in groups of 3-4 in the N endzone. PAX were instructed to do to
a total number of reps together for each exercise, run a lap, then continue the pattern.
• 100 Merkins
• 90 Air Squats
• 80 Carolina Dry Docks
• 70 Crab Walk Touches (each toe =1)
• 60 SSH (not IC)
• 50 Bonnie Blairs (each leg =1)
• 40 Big Boys
• 30 Mountain Climbers (IC)
• 20 Burpees
• 10 Mountain Climbers

Omaha called around 6:04 AM. It was mandated by YHC and confirmed by Safe Ride that we must beat
the fellow PAX from The Coop to coffee today. Mission was successful!

6MOM: Low Dolly, Flutter Kicks, Scissor Kicks, Big Boys, Heel Touches, American Hammers.
Some mumble chatter today about the high number of reps, but we split it up so it wasn’t terrible.
Announcements and prayer requests noted. Check Slack for lots of announcements. CSAUP end of
January. Details to follow.

Today’s COT came from a book called The Daily Stoic – August 21 is the daily reading. There was a quote
about not being miserable in advance. When you step back and objectively think about stressful worry,
it is actually somewhat silly we stress about an event before it occurs. It might not happen at all or an
unknown event in the future, could turn out better than expect or be just fine. YHC challenged us to
think about this concept and not to waste time being miserable in advance! Ended in prayer.

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