FW rolled out of bed @ 4:10am. No snooze. Can’t risk it today. 4:16am I’m getting ready and tear my Smartwool sock while putting it on. “Smartwool, more like dumb-wool” I muttered. Hopefully this wasn’t an indication of how my Q @ the DZ would go.

I rolled up @ 4:35am. Animal was unlocking the gate to the field. I grabbed my stuff and headed down to the field to set up. Gate was frozen. I kicked it and it opened right up. Not much set up needed. I noticed a cold northwest breeze. Temps were somewhere in the high teens, real feel a bit under that, maybe around 10-12. Nothing we couldn’t manage.

4:40am Pre-Run. Swiper and Schrute joined YHC. Other dudes we doing a pre-Murph…. Studs!

5:15am FW welcomed the pax gathered. Said the things that needed to be said – Mission, Core Principles and Disclaimer. Standard stuff. No new guys.

10 Pax in attendance: Rooney, BabyShark, Levy, GString, Schrute, Feeny, Swiper, AnimalHouse, LowFlow & YHC, Firewalker.


We mosey’s down to the center of the field. For Warm-a-Rama. Pretty sure only one pax was counting the rest we so excited to be there and had lots to share with their neighbor pax. That’s ok. Words would be few soon…

⁃ Moroccan Night Clubs – 15 IC

⁃ HillBillies – 15 IC

⁃ SSH – 15 IC

⁃ Harry Rockettes – 15 IC


We mosey’s down to the goal line. FW let the pax know he had a little something new he wanted to try. Just Kidding. Nothing new.

Broad Jump Burpees. 1 broad jump. 1 burpee. 2 broad jumps. 2 burpees. All the way up to 10. We started in the north goal line. We weren’t stopping until we got to the south goal line. Pax participating in the January Burp-Off we’re happy. I think. Heart rates jumped quickly. MumbleChatter quieted quickly. YHC too. What the hell was I thinking?


After the pax compiled the Pre-Thang, we mosey’s over to a single lit up come along the track and a list of 8 exercises. Pax were instructed to complete the first exercise, run a 400m lap and pay a debt of 5 burpees before moving on to the second exercise. All exercises were 50 reps.

1. Merkins

2. Groiners

3. Cheerleaders

4. BBSU’s

5. Ranger Merkins

6. Bobby Hurley’s

7. Gorilla Humpers

8. Iron Cross / X-Factors

Pax managed around 90 total burpees. Only a few more needed to round of the 100 for their day! Mission Accomplished!


After 40 minutes of fun, FW called “Omaha” and we mosey’s back to the flags. One of FW’s new favorite exercises are the Minnesota Mike Tyson. FW led the pax in 15 IC before calling it a day.


Back in the glory days of the 1990’s and the glory days of High school basketball, one of my favorite summer tournaments and summer t-shirts came from the Northwest Iowa Fast Break tournament. A 3 on 2 continuous tournament. Each year, the t-shirt had the quote. “Give it up, you’ll get it back.” Fast break basketball was my passion and a way of life in the Siouxland Conference. What I loved was getting out on the fast break and finding an open man out front and sprinting down court to fill a lane only to get a pass back for an easy bucket. Or making that extra pass to a buddy cutting to the hole for an easy lay up. How often do we watch basketball today and often see that once a guy has the ball, ain’t no chance he is giving it up….no matter how many guys are guarding him. Setting up your brothers, your teammates, colleagues to do great things is one of the great joys in life. Run’n back down court with a quick point or nod to acknowledge a great pass and assist. We give up ours so they can get theirs! Give it up. You’ll get it back.

The DZ has a great tradition of handing out TopGun coins to the Q and the Q also has the chance to hand one out to one of the pax who has been accelerating and kicking ass. While it pained FW immensely, he confidently called out Swiper as a man who has been bringing the Swagger all over F3Omaha and kicking ass pretty much everywhere he goes! Kudos to you Swiper! The only approval you’re getting from FW in 2023! Way to go brother!!



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