18 Pax: Toadstool, Irish Car Bomb, Cosmo, E-85, Beeps, Amadeus, Poloraid, Stella, Bovine, Honey Stinger, Penny Marshall, Good lookin’, Rocket, Swinger, Brazilian, Stapler, Saferide. 

Q: Huffy

The PAX gathered in the parking lot. Stated the mission statement, the 5 core principles, the disclaimer, and then Huffy told them to move up and out to the UNO Campus.  

Warm O’ Rama

  1. 600 meter run, then circled up.
  2. SSHx 20
  3. Imperial Walkers x 20
  4. Sun Gods x 20
  5. Tappy Taps x 10
  6. Big Ones x 10
  7. Windmills x 10
  8. Mt. Climbers x 15
  9. ATMs 10, 6, 6




Oh, look, another big hill. Decided to do 11s but start at 4/7, 5/6, 6/5, and finish on 7/4. Groiners and squat jumps, 5/7, 6/6, and 7/5. Then mosey on to the main campus area by Allwine hall. 


The Thang


A list of AMRAP exercises were on a sheet for 2 guys to do, while their partners ran 300 meters around Allwine hall. Switch. Work down the list. 


Dips, Bobby Hurleys, Derkins, Air Squats, and then Omaha was called. Long mosey back to the shovel flags.


6MOM– Gas pumpers, LBCs, Frozen LBCs, Big Boys, and American Hammers. 




COT: It is my daughter’s 8th birthday. Has made me consider time. “We approach our daily lives as if we will live forever, and in that infinite view of what is decidedly finite, we tend to make the wrong choices or worse, no choices at all. Our actions are fueled by the belief that we can always do it or deal with it tomorrow, and that just fundamentally isn’t true. There may not be a tomorrow, so we should act differently today.”  


AYE- Huffy

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