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Q: Da Fridge

The PAX gathered in the northwest parking lot at 5:15 a.m. Went through the five core principles, the disclaimer, mission statement and the purpose of F3. Then explained the beatdown and proceeded to the north side of Millard West with the coupons

The Thang (Big Burpha)

With so many PAX members taking part in the January Murph challenge, we completed a different version of Murph. 

The running and format was the same as Murph, but the work was different. Instead of pull ups, we did 10 shoulder presses with coupons. Instead of push ups, there was an option of doing 20 chest press or 20 bent over rows. Air squats were the same but goblet squats or any form of squats with the coupon was encouraged.

Was planning on completing the 10 rounds and two-miles of running, but ran out of time. 

After five rounds of work, 1.5 miles of running and a round of American Hammers; Omaha was called. 


CSAUP is set for next Saturday at Papio South. PAX members are encouraged to take part in the canned food and non-perishable items drive, even if they are unable to attend CSAUP. 


Today’s COT was about Hope. One of my favorite quotes was from the video game God of War III: the End Begins. 

“Hope is what makes us strong. It’s why we are here. It is what we fight with when all else is lost.”

It is amazing to think a quote that beautiful can come from the same game where you gouge out Posideon’s eyes before snapping his neck and literally ripping off Helios’ head with your bare hands all in the stunning graphics of the Playstation 3.

I always loved that quote and hung it in my room while I was growing up.

I feel that hope is something that is almost discouraged in society now because it means we are no longer in control. As humans, we hate that feeling and sadly; there is a lot more in our lives that we are not in control of than we realize.Now you could replace the work hope today with faith as well and all the same would apply.

Professionally, you can apply for a job, have a great resume with no errors, crush the interview, do your research and impress the employer. But if you’re going against the CEO’s son, you’re kind of out of luck. All you can turn to is you hope you did enough to earn the job.

We have several PAX members who are dealing with injuries or illness or have a loved one that is suffering. You can do everything right; eat the right stuff, exercise, follow the treatment and the doctor’s orders and then HOPE you have done enough. 

As parents, we HOPE we have raised our kids the right way to set them up for success and to live long, happy lives. We HOPE the love and support we provided is enough.

For the PAX members who have a loved one that is suffering from mental health issues; each week they ask for our prayers and they are there supporting their family and friends and we HOPE they see the light and accept the help they need.

For me personally, I am clinging to that HOPE each and every month. Every month for the past two years, I have had my heart broken due to a negative test, but each month I remain HOPEFUL that it will be the month that there is a positive test and my M and I can start a family. 

Like the quote says, “HOPE is what we fight with when all else is lost.” When we feel beaten down, helpless and like things are out of control; we cling to that HOPE. When we are stripped of our armor and down to our final weapon, it is HOPE that we fight with.

I ask each and everyone of you no matter what hardships you are dealing with, hold onto your HOPE. Rely in your faith and trust in God. It may not seem like it, but God is always there and he knows what is right. 

Keep the faith, keep your belief in God’s plan and keep HOPING.

Thank you to everyone that came out for the VQ and supported me. I can never thank those HIMs enough.

AYE – Da Fridge

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